The companies of the VOL-Stahl Group specialize in the production of hot-rolled, cold-rolled and cold-drawn special steel profiles and are one of the leading producers in this segment in Europe. The main focus is on purpose-built products, which are developed and produced according to customer specifications. Production is handled by the affiliated company Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant (OMP) in Russia and the Group’s own rolling mill in Saint-Juéry, France. In addition to the broad rolling mill capacities, the Group also has its own steel production facilities. This makes it possible to offer customers special alloying concepts. For the product, this means high shape flexibility and mechanical properties precisely matched to the range of applications. The main customers are from the EU, the CIS states and Asia. 

Easy Engineering: What’s the news about new products?

VOL-Stahl: The tool steel area is currently being expanded. At the rolling mill, VOL-Stahl France SAS, we produce flat, square and round tool steels as well as hot-rolled, cold-rolled and cold-drawn special profiles made of steel and stainless steel for a wide range of applications. Customers benefit from the possibility to order intermediate dimensions according to customer specifications or drawings. A perfect machining allowance, saves time and costs! VOL-Stahl also serves specialized requirements with regard to machinability, wear resistance and hardenability of tool steels, e.g. for the production of industrial knives, cutting, fine and milling tools, mandrel bars, punches or drawing dies. In addition, you will find at VOL-Stahl profiles for classic hand tools such as chisels, wrenches, scrapers, as round, square, flat, triangular, hexagonal or octagonal. Standard dimensions are available from stock in Hanau.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

VOL-Stahl: We produce and process special profiles made of steel and high alloyed steel grades that have a special cross-section or special product requirements in terms of mechanical properties, tolerances, special surfaces, etc. From steel melting, hot rolling, cold rolling, cold drawing to finished milled parts, such as linear carriages, machined on CNC machines, we offer all from a single source and qualitatively under our own control over the entire process. Many engineers, including an on-site technical department, support us in the demanding customer projects, in which we often develop innovations and implement improvements together with our customers.

In addition to the automotive industry, the core sectors include material handling equipment, elevators and linear motion technology, as well as agricultural industry, construction -, machinery industry and many others.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

VOL-Stahl: We are in a growing market. General steel consumption is increasing by about 6% per year. Production capacities and logistical capacities are currently strained and not sufficiently available, as in other industries, due to trade restrictions and problematic situations in the global traffic of goods.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

VOL-Stahl: At our customers we see a general trend to stock less material themselves and to outsource parts of the processing to third parties or to include the supplier in the further value chain. For this reason, we are increasingly taking over further processing steps and customized stocking as well as just-in-time delivery in customer projects. For us, this means to further automating and digitalizing our production and machining processes to achieve greater efficiency.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

VOL-Stahl: In the field of special profiles most of the time we have to fulfill requests on non-standard products. That means that most of our products need an individually customized approach. We always aim to provide not only optimal shape and surface quality, but also to deliver best possible mechanical properties improve the product performance or reduce customers costs in further production steps. For that purpose, an innovative approach starting from steel melting throughout the whole production route is required.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

VOL-Stahl: The order situation at our customers in the core industries is consistently good with increasing demand. We are responding to this growing demand by expanding our capacities in our production plants as well as in our machining facilities. So, we expect sales to increase significantly in 2022.

VOL-Stahl GmbH



Stefan Morsch – Sales Director/Authorized Representative

Stanislav Dedov – Technical Manager

Achim Schifferings – Key Account Manager