The crystal oscillator with a frequency of 32.768KHz is a real-time clock crystal oscillator, commonly known as the watch crystal, also known as the tuning fork crystal. 32.768KHz is famous for its ubiquity in the field of frequency components. Its main function is to generate the reference signal of the sequential circuit, which is accurate to one second timing.

WTL International Limited supports DIP 2-pin through-hole tuning forks and SMD/SMT tuning fork crystals. 

The most popular sizes currently on the market are:

  • DIP: 3*8mm, 2*6mm.
  • SMD: 2.0*1.2mm, 3.2*1.5mm, 6.9*1.4mm, 3.8*8mm, 2*6mm.
  • Common load capacitance: 6pF, 7pF, 9pF, 12.5pF.

WTL’s most popular tuning fork crystal is WX1 Series 3.2*1.5/2/SMD.

WX1 3.2*1.5/2/SMD 32.768KHz has the characteristics of small size, high stability, and environmental protection performance in line with ROHS/lead-free standards. It is widely used in electronic products, such as smart phones, watches, computer tablets, communication equipment, security monitoring, as well as various small portable consumer electronic digital time products.

Advantages: Sufficient Production Capacity, Fast Delivery, Good Price, High Customer Repurchase Rate

Why is 32.768KHz so important?

32.768KHz is a standard frequency. The oscillating signal generated by the 32.768KHz tuning fork crystal is divided by the frequency divider in the quartz clock for 15 times to obtain a 1Hz second signal, that is, the second hand moves every second, and the frequency divider in the quartz clock can only 15 times of frequency division. If you replace it with a crystal oscillator of another frequency, after 15 times of frequency division, it will not be a 1Hz second signal, and the clock will be inaccurate.

32.768K=32768=2 to the 15th power, data conversion is more convenient and accurate. The clocks that display functions on the watches, mobile phones, and computers which we use every day are evolved from it. The 32.768K tuning fork crystal oscillator is also widely used in other circuits that need timing, and occupies an important position in our daily life.

Model Comparison Table of 32.768KHz tuning fork crystal of major crystal oscillator brands.

The following is the model comparison table of 32.768KHz tuning fork crystal of major crystal oscillator brands organized by WTL International Ltd., which is convenient for engineers in need or for purchasing reference and model selection.

If you are also looking for 32.768KHz tuning fork crystal, please feel free to contact WTL, we will provide you with one-to-one tuning fork crystal replacement parts, and will continue to provide you with satisfactory service and high-quality products! Look forward to working with you!

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