About us

Engineering the future

Founded in Romania – Bucharest, in 2012, as a monthly print magazine with a companion website, the Easy Engineering Magazine brand is a world wide provider of news, interviews, specialised articles, updates and videos for the most important industrial professional industries.

Easy Engineering Magazine addresses passionately the world of professional technology, reporting about the most innovative products available today. It enchants and raises readers’ curiosity beyond the limits of imagination and provides value through quality topics.

Easy Engineering Magazine readers see the world different. Where some see chaos, they see opportunity. They are leaders with global vision, innovators, professionals, they are decision makers and influencers. They are intelligent and are becoming more intelligent. They are constantly searching for new ideas and solutions.

Innovative content distribution
Through our innovative content distribution network, it’s never been easier to get the information to our audience. World wide coverage, including social media presence, ensures that content travels quick and efficiently.

We also offer complex promotional packages, where the content can either be created by us or only be distributed by us. Our other services include: high quality video production & video distribution, on-site reports, documentaries, company presentation films etc.

World wide audience

With a monthly audience coverage of over 200.000, our content goes easy and fast exactly to the right place.

Editorial plans

The editorial plans are diverse, reaching different important industries and making interesting connections between them. Easy Engineering Magazine brings together all world wide professional industrial technology domains in one place so that our readers can find the answers to their questions, all in the same place.

New quality standards
Easy Engineering Magazine sets new standards in terms of editorial content, cutting edge graphics and content creation philosophy. Our editorial staff is composed of experienced & passionate world wide journalists in the specialized trade press.

Easy to read

Although we present complex content, the information is explained especially to make it easier to read by anyone, no matter their domain of activity. The articles presented consist of interviews, articles, updates or practical advice on the latest world wide professional industrial technologies.

Constant participation at exhibitions and events

To keep up to date with the latest innovations, we participate at the most important exhibitions & events in the world.