3D Lab, a leader in ultrasonic metal powder production and processing machines, showcased its latest advancements in the ATO Technology ecosystem at the Formnext trade fair. The company unveiled two groundbreaking products: the ATO Induction Melting System and the ATO Cast, marking significant strides in the field of metal powder production and Additive Manufacturing.

The ATO Induction Melting System: Advancing Metal Atomization

The ATO Induction Melting System (IMS), a highlight of 3D Lab’s showcase, elevates the capabilities of ATO ultrasonic metal atomizers. This innovative module is designed to produce high-quality, spherical metal powders with low oxygen content and a narrow Particle Size Distribution. The IMS is particularly effective for metals with lower melting points, minimizing the elements evaporation. It offers versatility in feedstock options, accommodating both rod feedstock using the Single Rod Feeding System module and irregularly shaped materials in a crucible. This expansion in material handling broadens the spectrum of research possibilities and enhances the efficiency of powder production.

ATO Cast: Redefining Precision in Metal Casting

Alongside the IMS, 3D Lab also unveiled the ATO Cast, a compact vacuum casting furnace designed for the highest purity of feedstock. The ATO Cast embodies the essence of the ATO Technology ecosystem, offering unparalleled precision in alloy casting and design. This machine is a testament to 3D Lab’s commitment to providing versatile and efficient solutions for both research and production environments.

ATO Technology: Streamlined and Customizable Metal Powder Production

ATO Technology by 3D Lab is more than just a range of products; it’s a cohesive ecosystem that streamlines metal powder production. This integrated system connects atomizers, furnaces, sieving stations, and cleaning units for seamless workflow efficiency.

At its core, ATO Technology offers modular adaptability, allowing users to customize their setup based on specific requirements. Users can select their desired Particle Size Distribution and choose from various feedstock types like wire, rod, or irregular shapes. This flexibility ensures that each user’s unique production needs are met, making ATO Technology a versatile solution.

Jakub Rozpendowski, CEO of 3D Lab

Shaping the future of Additive Manufacturing

“At 3D Lab, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in metal powder production,” said Jakub Rozpendowski, CEO of 3D Lab. “The introduction of the ATO Induction Melting System and ATO Cast at Formnext this year is a significant milestone in our journey and reinforces our commitment to innovation and sustainability within the ATO Technology.”

3D Lab’s presence at Formnext has confirmed its role as a pioneer in Additive Manufacturing, continually advancing the capabilities and potential of metal atomization technology.