A belt conveyor with a low overall height for mechanical engineering

Finding a belt conveyor with a low construction height is not that easy for mechanical engineering companies. Luckily, there is Montech AG’s TB40 belt conveyor. It features a low overall height like hardly any other belt conveyor on the market.

A belt conveyor must be able to do a lot. It should be able to transport a variety of goods in different shapes, sizes, and weights from one point to another – at an adjustable speed. A belt conveyor must be robust and durable to meet the requirements of a production environment. It should also be able to quickly detect and eliminate disturbances such as blockages. It should also be energy-efficient and consume as little energy as possible to keep operating costs down. Of course, a belt conveyor must also comply with current safety standards and be equipped with protective devices to prevent injury to employees. And last but not least, a belt conveyor should be flexible. 

Flexible production processes are efficient production processes

The flexibility of a belt conveyor can help improve the efficiency and productivity of a production process. A flexible belt conveyor can adapt to different requirements and conditions in a production process. In addition, a flexible belt conveyor is easier to maintain and repair because it is easier to replace or repair parts of the belt conveyor if they are damaged or worn. Flexibility can apply to various aspects of the conveyor belt, such as its speed, inclination, length, width, or height.

Compact belt conveyor with low overall height

However, flexible belt conveyors that are low to the ground are difficult to find on the market. Montech AG has recognized this and offers the ideal solution with the TB40 belt conveyor. This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. The low overall height of the TB40 belt conveyor clearly sets it apart from other belt conveyors on the market. This can be a crucial point, especially in confined spaces. The 24 V motor integrated in the drive roller makes the TB40 belt conveyor even more compact. It also has no lateral contours that get in the way. An optimized process is thus safe for every mechanical engineering manufacturer.