accensors, a developer and manufacturer of sensors, is on a mission to redefine sensor solutions. Their dedicated engineers are continuously working on the development of innovative foil sensors, which can be integrated into products in the simplest way and perfectly fitting. The company places great emphasis on close cooperation with customers to ensure that the products meet their actual requirements. 

accensors’ internal developments go through a comprehensive process of testing and validation to ensure the highest quality and reliability. For this reason, their sensor portfolio is manufactured with the utmost care in their own production facility to ensure consistent and precise sensor performance and quality.

Interview with Ramona Schütte, COO at accensors.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Ramona Schütte: Our main customers are companies that manufacture or are responsible for their own products. The target sectors are diverse, including medical technology, diagnostics, the automotive industry, industry and agriculture. After years of development services for innovative sensor solutions, we asked ourselves:

What if sensor measurements could make everyday life easier? What if damage could be prevented before it occurs? What if you could use sensors to do this without much effort?

So we have developed a sensor portfolio that is so easy to implement in an existing product that our customers can save additional development costs and time – our SMD foil sensors. With our SMD foil sensors, we have created an absolute innovation in sensor technology. The main advantage of our sensors is that they are very small and flexible compared to other sensors, which enables a wide range of applications. Another major advantage is that you can simply stick them on like a sticker. This makes our sensors very easy to integrate into or onto our customers’ products. True to the motto: “Take it, stick it, use it!”.

Our SMD foil sensors are therefore so versatile and can measure physical, ion-selective and biochemical parameters, some of which are not yet measurable!

To complement our existing product portfolio, we offer our customers a development service as part of our “Customized Sensors”. Together with our customers, we determine their needs, plan the development effort, the procedure and the materials required and thus design a new individual sensor – entirely in line with our customer’s requirements. Even after the development work has been completed, we do not leave our customers to their own devices. As early as the pre-development stage, we deal with the integration and implementation of the subsequent series production on our premises.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

R.S: How would it be if you could simply stick on a high-precision sensor like a sticker? With us, that’s possible! With our SMD foil sensors, measuring various parameters is as easy as sticking on a sticker. The size is only 7.60mm x 5.60mm with an active measurement area of Ø2.5mm. 
In the future, our SMD foil sensors can easily measure various parameters such as pH, temperature and bioparameters. The sensors are ready-to-use and can be easily glued to various contact points for precise measurement.

Our SMD foil sensors are the result of our many years of experience in developing foil-based sensors. Printed sensor technology allows us to easily mass produce them, which increases the availability and scalability of our sensors. The flexibility of our sensors also enables measurements away from rigid PCBs.

Overall, our SMD foil sensors offer a precise and flexible solution for a wide range of applications in e.g. medical technology, biotechnology and food industry. The sensor technology now allows the application of sticking sensors on like stickers for precise measurements. Our SMD foil sensors are an exciting new development in the world of sensor technology and open up new possibilities for measuring various parameters on an ultra-small area.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

R.S: We have developed a wide range of sensors with different measurement parameters so that we can help as many companies and industries as possible with our sensor solutions. Our portfolio includes ion-selective sensors, such as pH or sodium sensors, as well as physical sensors for measuring temperature, humidity or pressure, for example. With our biochemical sensors, we realize sensors that are not yet available on the market in this form, such as lactate, creatinine or NT-proBNP and many more.

With the ability to measure these parameters with biosensors, we are making great progress in medical technology and biotechnology and revolutionizing the possibilities of patient and wound monitoring through wearables and smart patches, for example.  

Our sensor solutions make it possible for sectors such as medical technology, biotechnology, agriculture and Industry 4.0 to create their own customized sensor system. 

Regardless of whether the application is based on printed electronic PCB or FPC technology, our SMD foil sensors are simply glued to the end of the conductor track and you have a sensor system. No further processing is necessary, just – take it, stick it, use it.

Our standard portfolio therefore combines innovation, price orientation and delivery availability. Our main sensory focus of electrochemical sensors and biosensors is not available as standard on the market. We offer a genuine global market innovation here, which delivers an attractive price right from the start and is not limited by scaling factors.

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?

R.S: As we do not focus on a specific industry, we can only give our view of the trend in the sensor market. The demand for intelligent, sensor-supported products and the Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly increasing. Sensors provide essential and significant insights here. For this reason, we expect the sensor market to grow steadily over the next few years to realize more and more smart products. We look forward to accompanying this journey of sensor technology with our foil sensors. We want to help companies realize their new products quickly and drive the growth of the market. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

R.S: The world and society are becoming increasingly fast-paced and digitalization is progressing steadily. Data and data sources are becoming more and more important in order to limit damage, add value to products and goods or even simplify/improve our lives. Companies are therefore increasingly finding themselves in the situation of having to create new, intelligent and innovative product solutions. Sensor solutions are needed to do just that, because sensors make it possible to collect data in the first place! We are excited about future developments in the field of sensor technology and look forward to being a part of them and developing ourselves and our company further.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the beginning of 2024?

R.S: The past few years have shown us that the future is very uncertain. Although orders for development services have increased again and companies are somewhat more secure than they were a few years ago, development services remain an uncertain business. For this reason, we have created a second mainstay with our SMD foil sensors. We are therefore optimistic about 2024 and are pleased that we can also offer other companies an alternative in uncertain times with our new product.