AcraDyne strives to be recognized as an innovative global solutions provider that passionately embraces new ideas and seeks to transform technologies for a sustainable future. The company provides ergonomic and innovative DC Tooling and data management systems for customers to fasten safely and effectively across a wide range of industries such as clean energy, automotive, agriculture, electronics, and white goods. 

Interview with Skylar Hall, VP of Marketing & Client Relations at AcraDyne.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

Skylar Hall: Safety is essential in every step of the manufacturing process, starting with the safety of the tool operator on the assembly line to safety of the consumer driving the vehicle. AcraDyne provides solutions tailored to project specifications that ensure quality and safety by providing traceable data proof. 

AcraDyne offers a full line of high torque, traceable, and critical fastening systems that range from 1 – 17,000 Nm. The cutting-edge high-torque bolting systems are specifically designed for critical high torque bolting applications that demand superior performance and durability. The faster speed, coupled with its extreme accuracy, makes AcraDyne’s system an outstanding cost-effective investment.

For more than 50 years, AcraDyne’s parent company AIMCO, a third-generation family business, has been working with manufacturers around the world, providing complete solutions for critical fastening and bolting applications.

As AIMCO established itself as one of the nation’s largest and most innovative suppliers of pneumatic power tools and mechanized assembly systems, it saw an opportunity to launch its own manufacturing division in 1989, AcraDyne, to design, manufacture, and market assembly systems to feed and drive screws or tighten nuts.

Responding to customer needs, in 2000 AcraDyne launched its line of DC Controlled Tools, enhancing itself in the market. In 2012, AcraDyne launched one of the world’s first High Torque DC Controlled Tools. Believing strongly that it could play a role in combatting the climate crisis, in 2020 AcraDyne introduced its line of HTXD Extreme Series Bolting tools for the ever-expanding bolting requirements of the green energy sector. AcraDyne is proud to be a member of the value chain that helps mitigate carbon footprint in order to create a cleaner and more resilient world.

It is with great pride that the products AcraDyne manufactures are DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Skylar Hall: Our main focus has been targeting the Wind Energy Industry and serving the full value supply chain of renewables. The race against the climate crisis is driving the industry toward faster and “smarter” production and Industry 4.0 integration, as digitalization is now a necessary requirement mimicing the Autmotive Assembly, and data a vital tool for quality assessments. AcraDyne’s innovative line offers traceable products with Industry 4.0 quality assurance. 

We have been focusing more on custom engineered solutions, AcraDyne partners with our customers through the entire project lifecycle ensuring that each application meets productivity and accuracy requirements. Our superior tool design means AcraDyne tools are not only powerful, but also durable and reliable, making it one of the lowest cost of ownership.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

S.H: Our custom engineering department has been busy this year! We have released a few custom projects for unique applications. Most have been inspired by our “Blade Runner” High Torque Tool which is an angle tool designed for hard to reach or space-limited applications. It’s compact, durable head houses a precision right-angle gearset with a 360degree swivel that can torque up to 3,000Nm. 

We have launched a fixtured version of this, a 6000 Series Angle tool, and a 8000 Series torquing up to 5,000 Nm.  In addition, a customer requested a Extreme Duty high torque bolting tool with our “u-shape” configuration torquing up to 5,000 for ultimate operator comfort and power. Along with the Extreme Duty Series, we also launched a custom Fixtured 12,000 Nm Angle tool. 

Some new software features from our Gen IV Controller Platform were integrated this year. Such as, operators are now able to view a live angle display on the “live tool display” screen allowing immediate feedback of the tightening process in real-time. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

S.H: We offer one of the widest ranges of products in the industry. Our parent brand, AIMCO, serves a wide range of industries in which our product range satisfies those segments. From Cordless tools, Pneumatic Power Tools, DC (Electric) Tools varying from low torque to High Torque (up to 17,000Nm), Torque Measurement Devices, Data Management Systems, and Tool Support and Assembly systems – we offer a complete portfolio. Our AcraDyne products are designed and assembled in the USA. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

S.H: With AI trending the market, we can foresee a need for the ability to interface with line controls where AI would run the line. Although AI cannot physically move bolt to bolt but instead could command an instruction set and/or adjust in real-time during the assembly process. The connectivity of our products is going to be more important in the future.

Data capturing is almost always requested from our customers. Our Gen IV Controller is our best seller as it connects with our transducerized tools collecting and monitoring in real time the torque, angle, yield and much more. With Industry 4.0 revolutionizing the automotive industry we are noticing the trend continuing into other industries such as Wind Energy. The archaic method of bolting turbines with hydraulics is becoming a thing of the past as they are expensive, dangerous and provide no data capabilities. Our customers require data points with every fasten to improve their quality assurance processes in order to produce a quality product. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

S.H: The AcraDyne Gen IV ACE Controller platform is the culmination of more than 40 years of serving our industrial fastening customers with 15 years of designing and manufacturing DC tools that are Designed and Assembled in the USA. It is filled with countless advanced capabilities and features.

The Controller is the core of the modular AcraDyne DC system, offering flexibility to control any air, cordless or electric transducerized tool in AcraDyne’s portfolio. One controller will command any tool in the AcraDyne line with one common communication for global data collection, line controls, and Field Bus platforms.

The Gen IV Controllers have all the options necessary to integrate into databases and be able to handle all the information that is generated in the tightening process. All interactions with the AcraDyne Controllers are user-friendly, allowing an operator to perform a tightening routine in a simple way, integrating it into databases without specific software personnel. The user-friendly program allows programming, analysis, and diagnostics. The software is based on standard web browsing, allowing information to be sent via Wi-FI without any extra investment and or payment of captive licenses or software. Our software is free of charge and onboard every controller platform.

Our Extreme Duty High Torque Series from AcraDyne is one of the most powerful DC Tools in the market torquing up to 17,000Nm. It houses the same technology as our Acradyne HT Series measuring traceable, dynamic torque directly at the square drive, and the built-in transducer ensures accurate torque values. The motors are rated for continuous duty, and it has additional safety features. We have offered multiple handle configurations providing more ergonomics for the operator, on the J-handle the operators are required to use both hands on the trigger simultaneously, eliminating the possibility of accidental tool start and keeping both operator’s hands out of harm’s way. The transducer works in a loop with the Controller, which induces total precision and safety in the tightening process as the Controller displays the applied torque at the joint. We also offer a Wide range of tightening strategies available including Torque Control, Torque plus Angle, Angle Control, and Yield Control.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

S.H: We have had an exciting year to say the least, we recently launched AcraDyne’s NEW website completely catered to supporting the full supply chain of the Wind and Clean Energy Industries. With the industry’s most complete portfolio of High Torque Critical Bolting products, AcraDyne consistently and proudly provides fastening solutions that meet and exceed the demands of the Clean Energy Sector.

2023 also marks AcraDyne’s parent company, AIMCO, 53-year anniversary. AIMCO’s history has been an evolution as it has continuously adapted to fulfill market needs. Before AIMCO was branded AIMCO, it was Russ Chamberlin Inc (RCI) a major distributor of tire retreading and automotive equipment and supplies. The Founder, Dennis Hall, formed AIM (Automotive Industrial Marketing) with the RCI philosophy at its cornerstone to focus on marketing industrial power tools and related products. In 1971 AIMCO became the exclusive agent in North America for Uryu Seisaku, LTD., pioneer manufacturer of pneumatic tools in Japan. To further continue growth, AIMCO saw the opportunity to launch its own manufacturing division in 1989 to focus on critical applications of various industries.

In early 2024 AcraDyne will be launching a new line of innovative products that I’m unable to communicate at this point – so stay tuned to what AcraDyne will be torquing up next!