BIEGLO is a distributor for international producers of High Performace Polymers like Mitsui Chemicals (AURUM™), Saint-Gobain (MELDIN® 7000) and Panjin Zhongrun HPP (CoPEEK). In addition to PEEK and pure polyimides, BIEGLO is presenting new HPP products such as PBI (polybenzimidazoles) and PEEK PBI compounds at the ‘K’ this year. In addition, BIEGLO continues to have a strong impact in the PEEK market with refurbished PEEK granules and a growing portfolio of PEEK compounds.

BIEGLO recently started to build up a portfolio of HPP additives. The ‘S-2 Glass® Chop 553’ glass fibers from AGY compete with carbon fibers. These have a special high-temperature sizing for a variety of HPP compounds. The sizing can withstand temperatures in excess of 420°C. In addition, BIEGLO has become the distributor for ATSP aromatic polyester, this powder can be used in wide variety of applications due to its excellent dielectric strength, chemical resistance, mechanical toughness and its friction properties and ware resitance. PEEK- and polyimide powders are also sold into compounding of PTFE and HPPs. BIEGLO sells virgin polyimide, recycled PI powder and cut polyimide fibers in various forms for compounding HPPs.

BIEGLO GmbH sells PEEK, Polyimides, PBI, PAI and other High-Performance Polymers in powder, granules, rods, tubes, sheet, film and finished parts. 

BARplast LLC is a 100% subsidiary in Houston, Texas and also specializes in high-performance polymers.

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