Aermatica3D creates solutions applicable to the world of organic and sustainable agriculture, compatible with environmental protection

Aermatica3D’s Innovation with Drones in Agriculture: a distribution system which makes possible to cover more than 100 hectares of fields with automated flights

In an intrinsically highly innovative sector such as that of drones, Aermatica3D develops further innovative application solutions for various markets. Among these, the area of so-called Precision Agriculture and 4.0 stands out: in this context, drones not only represent a useful survey and mapping system, but also flying equipment for the precise spreading of liquidsgranulespowders, and capsules. In fact, the Aermatica3D kits installed on various types of drones make it possible to distribute products for biological control in a targeted, precise, and effective way, promoting low environmental impact. The kits have been awarded in several editions at the EIMA Technical Innovation Competition, the most important European agricultural mechanization fair, held in Bologna.

The contexts of use

After years of development and experimentation, in collaboration with large companies and visionary agronomists, Aermatica3D solutions are used by specialized operators both in Italy and abroad. An application allowed by the Aermatica3D kits concerns the distribution of useful organisms that contrast parasites on crops such as tomatoes, watermelons, soybeans, vines, and corn, enabling the diffusion of biological control practices.

The effectiveness

Results showed, for example, that spider mite control on hundreds of hectares of tomatoes last season was found to be satisfactory in 95% of cases, more than conventional control techniques.

The operation

Aermatica3D’s drone distribution systems allow to cover more than 100 hectares of fields per day with fully automated flights managed by proprietary software. They therefore represent a highly efficient industrial tool that brings added value to all the actors involved, starting from the agricultural entrepreneur who exploits innovation to ensure productivity in respect of the environment, to benefitting the farmer and the consumer. Intensive but sustainable agriculture can benefit from innovative solutions such as those for assisted pollination, where the drone distributes previously collected pollen in an optimized way. On various crops such as walnut and olive trees, it allows for an increase in production (up to +20%) as recently demonstrated by the activities of the Olimpolli project in Tuscany.

Thanks to the kits for liquids distribution, a drone in flight can spray biological larvicide to combat mosquitoes, or, in urban areas, it allows the biological weeding of high-quality surfaces such as ancient walls, simply not accessible by alternative means. Many other applications are under development: the drones developed by Aermatica3D can, for example, also be used to sow trees for reforestation in extreme contexts.

TECHNOLOGY: Aermatica3D devices are small flying laboratories for data measurement. The vehicles are integrated with sophisticated sensors that support university laboratory research

Aermatica3D creates integrations of kits, tools, and sensors on drones for advanced applications.

The multigas sensor developed by Aermatica3D is installable on various types of industrial drones and allows the sampling of air samples in flight and the measurement of the various gases and pollutant particles contained therein. The fully software-driven drone automatically flies over three-dimensional grids and measures concentration values, reporting them in real time to the operator on his remote control, highlighting possible alarms.

Thanks to many collaborations with research centers and companies specializing in measurement instrumentation, Aermatica3D has integrated high value-added sensors such as hyperspectral chambers for applications in the conservation of cultural and architectural heritage, or gamma ray detectors, which can be used for measurements remote radiation in potentially dangerous scenarios for operators. The installations of sophisticated sensors on drones comes to support universities in their research activities like small aerial laboratories. The innovative developments of Aermatica3D create integrated flying measuring instruments for the safe, simple, and rapid acquisition of georeferenced data.

Valuable allies in the search and rescue of people

Missing people in rural, mountainous and wooded scenarios involves thousands of cases every year in Italy

Firefighters use drones in their search and rescue missions to find and locate missing people. The software designed and supplied by Aermatica3D automates drone flight missions with thermal imaging cameras and high-definition cameras, guaranteeing coverage of the areas flown over. Through processing with algorithms based on image processing, hundreds of captured aerial photos are automatically scanned for the identification of missing people. When aerial images are not sufficient due to the complexity of the scenarios, the Fire Brigade uses special sensors capable of detecting the mobile phones of missing people, locating them quickly and allowing rescue by teams on the ground. Aermatica3D realizes the optimized integration of the sensor on the drone, allowing quick and effective searches over large areas thanks to the long-range communication with the sensor, significantly increasing the concrete chances of rescue.

FTS – Flight Termination Systems

Aermatica3D FTS – flight termination systems are products characterized as safe, reliable, and durable and designed to expand the use and operation of drones for the professional sector in total safety. Here are the main advantages of using our FTS:

  • They can be integrated on DJI drones and custom drones and do not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Easy to assemble: They do not require opening or disassembling the drone.
  • Enable BVLOS flight dinners protected from any Flyaway and according to the regulations.
  • Reliable: each flight terminator is performed a non-invasive series test plan to validate the individual specimen.

The Aermatica3D flight termination system consists of the remote control, a transmitter, and the receiving slave unit. The FTS is a product that can be integrated with emergency parachutes for better safety of the drone and the sensors installed and allows you to fly in BVLOS scenarios according to the regulations provided. The flight terminator, operated by the remote control, acts by cutting off the power supply to the drone and interrupting the flight through a communication channel utterly independent of that of Command and Control of the Drone itself. Radio communication is also protected by cryptographic keys that prevent any attempts by third parties to violate the radio code from being able to intervene on the onboard unit.

Aermatica3D Integrations

The integrated systems for drones represent the real added value of Aermatica3D. The research and development department are not limited to creating customized drones, but based on the specific requirements of each customer can develop and integrate kits, cameras, and sensors, allowing to have a single integrated remote-sensing system for remote control of the device and the visualization and management of data in real-time on the ground, thus obtaining a safe, complete, and reliable product. To meet the operational needs, Aermatica3D has also developed the BLY3D app, a fully customizable software capable of performing automatic flight missions even in complex scenarios, allowing you to plan and manage any payload in a simple, easy, and precise way and integrated by us. Aermatica3D can offer custom solutions for any integration thanks to its know-how in the engineering field and the cooperation with official partners from international realities. As a result, Aermatica3D offers its customers the best technologies in the payload field, perfectly integrating chambers, kits, and sensors.

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