HÖRMANN Logistic is part of the international HÖRMANN group with 27 subsidiary companies in total. Within the intralogistics division, their mission is to deliver cutting-edge intralogistics system solutions across whole Europa, relying on teamwork and sophisticated domain knowledge. 

HÖRMANN Logistik, official distributor, offers the groundbreaking AutoStore® miniload warehouse along with HiLIS AS, the tailor-made warehouse management system. Integration of our intralogistics systems is realized with HiLIS, the “HÖRMANN intra Logistics System”. The HiLIS Warehouse Management System manages, controls and monitors all warehouse management and material flow processes, thus ensuring maximum transparency and system availability. The HÖRMANN Logistik hotline is available for you around the clock, 365 days a year.

Interview with Christian Otterbeck, Chief Customer Service at HÖRMANN Logistik

Easy Engineering: What do your customers look after when buying products or services?

Christian Otterbeck: Price and short delivery times are decisive.

E.E: What are the main needs of the customers?

C.O: Most customers want a central point of contact for all matters relating to after-sales service.

E.E: How important are the after-sales services?

C.O: The after-sales services are queried/assessed by the customer for all projects before the contract is awarded (of the main project) (we provide a service concept for each offer) and are very often decisive for the commissioning.

E.E: What after-sales services do you offer?

C.O: We offer: hotline (24/7), troubleshooting, maintenance, condition monitoring, spare parts management.  In addition: Optimization, expansion and retrofitting of existing systems.

E.E: How do you promote your after-sales services?

C.O: Already during the project period (main projects) and also afterwards, regular exchange and contact with the customers.

E.E: Tell us about the spare parts distribution (if any) or any other after-sale products.

C.O: For each project, we offer a spare parts package with all relevant parts, which is usually purchased by the customer and placed in stock.  With the stockpiling of this spare parts package, a high level of system availability is ensured. After that, it is essentially about the replacement of parts that have been taken from the spare parts package.

E.E: What impact has product innovation on your customers?

C.O: For the customer, a methodology that is as simple and fast as possible is important in order to obtain information in the event of a malfunction or for the procurement of spare parts. Innovations in this area are in great demand.

E.E: What industries do you think will grow in 2022? 

C.O: Energy and Environment, Logistics, E-Commerce

E.E: What solutions do you bring for these industries?

C.O: Our solutions are cross-industry

Tel.: +49 89 149898-52