Established in 1962, Ajex & Turner has come to be regarded as a technology-driven company. The company manufactures a range of solutions such as – diamond wire drawing dies, diamond tools for wire drawing, automobile, wooden, tool room industries. In 1976, the company partnered with Dee Beers, England. The outcome of their association is Diamond Tools Industries which is a setup with the technical support from Dee Beers. Then in 1982, the company forayed into diamond wire drawing die industries with technical support from Mr. David Turner, Chairman, Turner & Stott Limited, UK. 

Following the legacy in 1998, Mr. Ravi Bansal, Son of Mr. J.S. Gupta, on boarded the company and received his training from Hoosier Ajax, USA.

Main Areas of Company Activity

In 2000, the company acquired a few financially struggling companies including – Johnson Metals & Dies, Adelfi, Hoosier Ajex, which are pioneers in manufacturing wire dies in Europe, and USA. Consequently, all the American as well as European productions lines were installed in the Ajex Plant with new and improved technology and abilities. Today Ajex & Turner exports globally all products.

Product Range of the Company

Ajex & Turner has been consistently providing a complete range of tooling, machineries, and accessories for various industries including the wire and cable industry. They manufacture VNT Nano, PCD, natural diamond, Carbide, trapezoidal shape dies, extrusion tools, diamond tools, crossheads, spiral brush, sector rollers & dies, polishing & grinding machines, die polishing accessories and wire drawing lubricants for ferrous & non-ferrous wires for toolings of all shapes and which are used by copper, aluminium, low carbon, high carbon, stainless steel, Brass, Nickel Wire & Rod Industries. Ajex & Turner also manufactures EAA Coated Steel Wire, FRP, Aluminium Alloy Wires (All Grades).

New Development – VNT Nano Dies

In 2011, the company had started manufacturing VNT Nano dies (Vetrified Nano Technology) and become the only company in the world to manufacture VNT dies for soft and hard wires. These dies find extensive applications in bunching, compacting, stranding dies made for copper as well as aluminium 50mm to 2000 sq mm and which ensures savings of both energy and metal of around 3-4%. The VNT nano dies acts as an excellent replacement of PCD Dies which are less expensive than PCD. However, VNT Nano Dies are cost-efficient and scratch free for low carbon wire, CO2, and stainless steel wires, thereby being the suitable alternatives to replace PCD Dies.

New Development – Extrusion Tips & Dies.

In 2010 Ajex & Turner procures Swiss Technology for manufacturing extrusion tools tips and dies. 

Ajex & Turner extrusion tips and dies are used in the manufacturing of power cables, control cables, telemetering systems, telecommunications, optical fiber, speaker cables, etc. The extrusion tips and dies are made in various shapes and sizes with very high quality, rust-free steel with tested ideal OD & ID concentricity.

New Development – Masterlube Lubricants for Copper & Aluminium Wire Drawing

In 2015 Ajex & Turner Developed in house Lubricants for Copper & Aluminium Wire Drawing. Masterlube Lubricants are very cost effective & efficient quality.

Quality Control System 

The company is equipped with all kinds of technologically-advanced manufacturing testing equipment’s in wire drawing dies and their workforce consists of professionals. With time, Ajex & Turner has established close technological communication with all major and well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of the wire and cable industry.

Market Trends in the Wire and Cable Industry 

The rising demand in a number of segments, including renewable energy, transmission and distribution, telecommunications, is expected to provide a further boost to the growth of the global wire and cable industry. This is going to be quite propitious for the growth in the demand and applications of wire extrusion tools, tips, and dies & other toolings.

Projections for 2022

The demand for wires and cables has been exponential in the past few years. The expansion in the power sector and the revamping of power transmission lines across the country has been providing a sharp impetus to the growth of the industry. Moreover, telecom-related initiatives along with rising number of data centres have been a major driver of the growth in the optical fiber cable segment. As far as my foresight about the wire and cable dies market is concerned, the demand in these various segments in addition to rising investments in the same, are going to be conducive for the growth of dies and tools for wires and cables. 

Ajex & Turner’s quality is equivalent to European standards while the prices are lower than the manufacturers based in Europe and USA.