With more than 35 years of experience, AL-KO Extraction Technology is your reliable partner in all matters relating to innovative technologies and filter technology.

The AL-KO Group, founded in 1931 by Alois Kober as a small locksmith’s shop in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Kötz near Günzburg, is today one of the world’s leading suppliers in the air technology, garden technology and automotive sectors with around 2,600 employees.

Since 1988, the extraction technology sector has grown steadily and today the AL-KO product portfolio ranges from mobile dust extractors for flexible extraction at individual processing machines to stationary extraction systems for several workplaces simultaneously. All extraction systems are manufactured in Germany at the Lutherstadt-Wittenberg and Jettingen-Scheppach sites. AL-KO declares war on all types of chips, dusts, welding fumes and paint mist and thus ensures clean air in trade and industry. Compliance with the current European standards and the regulations applicable in the respective countries is a matter of course.

AL-KO Extraction Technology has developed a special filter technology that offers decisive savings in operating and maintenance costs compared to the conventional principle. Together with the proven modular system for AL-KO extraction systems, energy-efficient, customer-oriented and individually adapted solutions can be found with the wide-ranging product portfolio. 

ECO JET compact filter systems and PROFI JET system filter systems are offered for stationary filter systems. High extraction performance with low energy consumption, minimal noise emissions and long filter service lives guarantee low operating costs and maximum ease of use for all stationary extraction systems. The modular design of the PROFI JET units with double-walled, sound- and heat-insulated panels also allows for later retrofitting and adaptation to new requirements. The stationary filter units are planned and built individually according to customer requirements. This means that extraction capacities from 2,000 to approx. 150,000 m³/h can be offered. All units are equipped with the highly efficient AL-KO OPTI JET® system for optimum air filtration and low downtimes. Intelligent control modules guarantee demand-oriented regulation of the extraction rate. This not only significantly reduces energy consumption, but also extends maintenance intervals and thus minimises ongoing operating costs.

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The mobile units include the pure air dust extractors of the POWER UNIT series. These are suitable for individual extraction as well as for supplementing stationary systems and are suitable as decentralised extraction units for a wide range of materials such as wood or plastics. AL-KO POWER UNIT pure air dust extractors are built according to the harmonised European Norm DIN EN 16770 and are certified accordingly. They may be installed in the working area and are suitable for extraction rates between 790 and 10,000 m³/h. Due to the filter material used and the excellent cleaning, the residual dust content is less than 0.1 mg/m³. This clean air is 100% recycled back into the workshop, thus saving energy. Thanks to the large-volume compressed air tank with fast-switching diaphragm valves, effective OPTI JET® filter cleaning is possible with the lowest compressed air consumption. The filter units of the AL-KO FLEX UNIT series can be used universally for chips, dusts and welding fumes in the metal and plastics industries, among others. 

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The AL-KO dust extractors MOBIL and AAS are also suitable for mobile extraction of dust, chips or residues from plastic, polystyrene, paper, metal or glass. Both model series ensure a significantly reduced dust content with class L filters. 

Wood dust-tested sanding tables for manual workplaces in combination with high-performance industrial vacuum cleaners from the AL-KO JET STREAM increase the efficiency of machining processes and are offered in various versions. 

The product range is complemented by the AL-KO COLOUR JET paint mist extraction system, which is available in various sizes. These are certified for use in rooms according to ATEX Zone 2 and are suitable for extracting the paint mist and solvent vapours produced during spray painting. AL-KO supplies weatherproof supply air units to match the spraying and painting systems. With the sensibly graduated unit cross-sections, these can be adapted to suit requirements and even realised for entire workshops. Even high air capacities can be realised without any problems and can be supplemented with heat exchangers, heating or cooling coils. This not only ensures healthy air at the workplace, but also saves the operator the expensive task of reheating the extracted air.


The AL-KO CLEAN VAC was developed for effective extraction from manual machines. The high-vacuum vacuum cleaner is available in two power levels, 8.5 kW and 12.5 kW.  A maintenance-free side channel compressor generates a vacuum of up to 25,000 Pa. Depending on the model, 8 or 12 manual workplaces can be freed from chips and dust at the same time, thus ensuring a clean workplace.

In a slightly modified design, AL-KO Extraction Technology also offers its new central high-vacuum units under the product name AL-KO Car Cleaning VAC for thorough interior cleaning of motor vehicles at petrol stations and service stations.


The patented AL-KO dust compartment is a simple and inexpensive solution for more cleanliness and health protection at the workplace. It prevents falling dust from hitting the floor during the emptying process of the containers. PRACTICAL – PATENTED – SIMPLE – CLEAN.

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Why extraction systems from AL-KO Extraction Technology?
Every year, thousands of customers in Europe and all over the world choose the quality products of AL-KO Extraction Technology. AL-KO units are manufactured according to the quality seal “MADE IN GERMANY” and combine the highest reliability with the lowest noise emission and outstanding economic efficiency. Due to their design and the components used, the extraction units are particularly energy-efficient and are therefore fully in line with the trend towards greater economy. AL-KO builds extraction systems in combination with heat recovery, heating and cooling, thus contributing to the decarbonisation of the environment. AL-KO Extraction Technology does MORE THAN CLEAN AIR. 
Bet on the future with us and benefit as our customer and partner from the performance, quality and safety of the AL-KO brand. 

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