Have you ever felt in the mood for something different and adventurous? Almost all motorbike lovers lull themselves with the idea of exploring new ways and venture new spaces which can gift them freedom and great time. No roads, no patterns, just riding. Well, that is pretty much the portrait of paradise for those who feel off-road passion under their skin. Nevertheless, have you ever considered who pays the price of your freedom? Right. It is your beloved motorbike, and more precisely your suspensions. Eventually everybody in the field will agree that a top quality lubricant really saves the day and Pakelo proved to be something like the Savior par excellence.

Pakelo is a 100% Italian lubricant producer that has been operating in the field for more than 80 years. Research & Development department together with the analysis laboratory are the true assets of the company which is able to formulate tailor made products meeting even the most demanding requests. This is the reason why Pakelo likes to be called “lubricant designer” instead of lubricant blender or producer. Designing a lubricant implies never choosing the easy way out, never compromising on raw materials, never stop improving or innovating and, if necessary, creating from scratch a lubricant to meet the needs of motorcycle manufactures. This attitude towards excellence brought Pakelo to develop a terrific line of lubricants for the two-wheels that has been validated by Moto GP team “Forward Racing” in 2013.

Let’s take the prestigious Krypton MBK motor oil series as an example. The name ‘Krypton’ is a witty reference to the famous comic hero Superman aiming to underline the strength and flexibility of these fully synthetic products. Performance levels cannot be higher. All Krypton MBK products passed JASO MA2 (a Japanese standard reflecting the lubricant quality with reference to the clutch) and API SM (an American standard pointing out the quality with reference to the motor) levels.

However if we focus on off-road thrills it becomes quite clear that suspension oils play a leading role in the process. Pakelo developed a truly effective way to understand if the product actually works: field tests! In the last year the Italian brand engaged in multiple testing projects stretching from motorcross to rally raid in order to understand the authentic performance levels of its products. Pakelo’s partnership with Marco Belli, former EU flat track championship began in 2014 when he founded his Di Traverso flat track school in Italy. This discipline looks like speedway, but it’s not related since flat track motorbikes differ for the presence of rear brakes. This context is pretty stressful for the front forks. Marco Belli has been using Pakelo Amfluid 2 suspension lubricant for a long time on his Yamahas SR400. This is a very high viscosity index product assuring low friction, especially during start-ups, and steady efficiency combined with minimum vibrations even under the hardest and long lasting working conditions.

Talking about long lasting performances, we cannot forget to mention Swiss-based Kapriony Team that joined Pakelo family in July 2015. This group of crazy-talented guys basically travels around the world on board of powerful two-cylinder LC8 KTMs to join extreme rally raid competitions. Who else could be more entitled in the validation of Pakelo’s suspension lubricants? Their feedbacks has been more than enthusiastic.

What really matters In Pakelo are authentic feedbacks. They function as innovative drives raising the quality bar higher and higher and keeping the developing work interesting. That’s the true secret of a lubricant designer, but don’t tell anyone!