AlphaESS is a leading global energy storage solution and service provider. As one of the pioneers in the energy storage market with lithium-ion technology, AlphaESS has the vision to one day make clean energy available to everyone in the world. The company has 15+ subsidiaries providing local services and 100,000+ systems actively running in 90+ countries, enabling millions of people to enjoy reliable, accessible and clean energy. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

AlphaESS: The company specializes in residential and commercial applications and delivers pre-eminent products and fit-for-purpose solutions. As a result, AlphaESS developed its first product in 2012 with its in-house energy management system, which to this day controls all Alpha storage systems. Since then, the company has evolved into a full-service provider with storage systems from 3 kW to MW+. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products? 

AlphaESS: Fail-safe, flexibly retrofittable battery modules – connected in series and parallel! 

The entire new G3 series (9 inverter power classes: single-phase hybrid storage systems in the 3.6 kW and 5 kW power classes and three-phase hybrid storage systems in the 4 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW and 20 kW power classes) now uses only 2 different battery modules, making configuration much easier. Besides a parallel connected 7.8 kWh (usable capacity) battery module, there will now also be a series connected 3.65 kWh (usable capacity) battery module. The disadvantage of serially connected battery modules in terms of fail-safety (if one battery module fails, they all fail) has been overcome by Alpha ESS with an innovative automatic bypass function. As a result, Alpha ESS combines the efficiency of a high-voltage system with low-voltage batteries and the fail-safety and easy retrofit/serviceability of parallel-connected batteries. This also allows battery modules to be flexibly retrofitted. 

200% PV power vs. inverter power (5 kW inverter, 10 kW max. PV power): The e.g. 5 kW inverter can therefore process 10 kW PV power, with max. 5 kW for battery charging and max. 5 kW for the house supply/feed-in. 

Smart Off-Grid including Grid-forming: Automatic switching between mains supply and generator supply to cover consumption in the house. The innovative grid-forming function allows the operation of external PV inverters even during a blackout and thus offers a significant improvement in the performance of the overall system, especially in hybrid operation. 

Alpha ESS also relies on hybrid inverters for small power classes (3 kW), as cost differences are becoming smaller, and efficiency and flexibility are significantly higher compared to battery inverters. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

AlphaESS: Full range supplier – from PPS (portable power stations) to residential storage as well as commercial and industrial storage solutions. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active? 

AlphaESS: The European storage market is very diverse. In some markets, electricity storage systems are already widespread and in others the widespread expansion is just beginning. In some markets, home storage systems are more in demand and in others C&I storage systems. As a full range supplier, Alpha ESS offers technical solutions for all these markets, so that Alpha ESS is active in all of them. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends? 

AlphaESS: For the past 1-2 years, the market trend has been strongly towards lithium iron phosphate batteries, which Alpha ESS has been using exclusively since 2015. In addition, the market is also tending more and more towards hybrid inverters, which Alpha ESS has also focused on since 2015. The last major trend to be noticed is the move away from individual components towards all-in-one systems. With all-in-one systems, customers not only get a more efficient and stable product, but also better service because there is no confusion about responsibilities or functions. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed? 

AlphaESS: Alpha ESS is an innovator in the energy storage industry and regularly receives internationally renowned awards, for example the Global Cleantech 100 Awards 2020 and 2021. Alpha ESS has just announced a new product series – the SMILE-G3 series. This will be introduced in stages from 2023/2024. The new SMILE-G3 series completely redefines the term all-in-one system and revolutionizes the market for energy storage systems. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023? 

AlphaESS: The storage market is currently in a very turbulent phase. The last two years have been characterized by Corona, component bottlenecks and uncertainties, but Alpha ESS, together with its partners, has ensured stable availability. With this tailwind, Alpha ESS started 2023 in the company’s most successful business year to date in Europe and worldwide. Alpha ESS expects continued strong growth in a stagnating market environment due to high product quality, excellent services and close local partnerships.