ALT Bearings, based in France, specializes in high-performance bearings and roller screws. Renowned for precision engineering and innovation, the company offers a broad array of mechanical solutions for various industrial applications. Their product line features patented herringbone roller bearings and high-performance roller screws.

Interview with Jerome Dubus, CEO of ALT Bearings.

Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

Jerome Dubus: Utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and stringent quality control, we ensure the reliability and longevity of our products. Our cutting-edge facilities and dedicated R&D team constantly advance linear motion and bearing technology, focusing on enhancing capacity and compactness to boost our customers’ operational performance.

Through a robust network, we deliver exceptional service and technical support worldwide. ALT Bearings also prioritizes sustainability, ensuring compliance with environmental standards and contributing to a greener future through durable products and reduced material consumption

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

J.D: Robotics: Our products enable precise linear motion control and high load capacity in compact forms, essential for actuators in humanoids, exoskeletons, force multiplying systems, and industrial robots. Reliable components are crucial for automated factory applications.

Oil and Gas: Our compact roller screws and bearings withstand extreme conditions and temperatures, essential for downhole equipment and converting valves or chokes to low torque. These stainless steel products excel in the harsh environments typical of the oil and gas industry.

Special Machinery: High productivity demands require components with longer life and reduced maintenance. Our roller screws and bearings enhance capacity and precision in injection molding machines and ensure accurate cutting operations in broaching machines.

Electromechanical Actuators: Designed for various industries, including aerospace, defense, and industrial automation, our solutions support robust mechanical assemblies needed for harnessing the power of servomotors.

E.E: What’s the news about new products/services?

J.D: Our latest advancements in bearings and roller screws reinforce our position as an industry leader in motion management. We offer customer-focused solutions with higher load capacities, enhanced compactness, and advanced engineering, recognizing the shift from hydraulics to electromechanics.

The herringbone bearing combines roller screws, bearings, and gear technologies in a cage-less design, offering high capacity, rigidity, and improved rolling configuration, eliminating sliding friction. It saves up to 80% in weight and space compared to traditional bearings, ideal for supporting roller screws or heavy-duty ball screws.

We have also redesigned roller screws for better capacity, compactness, and durability, incorporating new features like self-locking and extra-long leads. Our differential screw variant offers extreme precision, and integrated herringbone roller bearings provide unmatched power density. Proprietary software supports the design and simulation of critical applications.

E.E: What are the ranges of products/services?

J.D: We offer the widest range of design variants, diameters, leads, materials, and options to meet extensive requirements and foster customer innovation. Customized high-capacity roller screws come in standard, inverted, recirculating, and differential versions, tailored to specific customer needs. Our products are designed to meet unique operational challenges in general industry, aerospace and defense, robotics, and energy sectors.

E.E: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?

J.D: The bearings and screws market is highly dynamic and increasingly competitive. The shift from traditional hydraulic and pneumatic systems to electromechanical solutions is prominent, driven by advantages such as better precision, energy efficiency, ease of integration with digital controls, and lower maintenance requirements. Roller screws enhance performance and reliability in these systems.

The herringbone roller bearing is the most compact and best fit for roller screws. Despite competition and supply chain challenges, our focus on innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions positions us to capitalize on emerging opportunities and maintain our competitive edge.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

J.D: Enhanced Reliability: High reliability is essential, especially in aerospace, oil and gas, and heavy machinery. We focus on advanced materials, precision manufacturing, and strict quality control to ensure durability under high loads and extreme conditions.

Large Volume Production: Recognized for compact actuators in robotics, roller screws drive large-scale production and cost reduction. Their powerful performance supports wide adoption in new applications.

Compactness and Space Efficiency: Smaller, integrated machinery demands high-performance components in reduced spaces. Our products deliver top performance with a smaller footprint, enhancing machine efficiency and versatility.

Booming Electromechanical Solutions: Roller screw systems in electromechanical actuators offer precision, energy efficiency, digital integration, and low maintenance, particularly in automated production industries and high-tech sectors like aerospace and defense.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: Emphasizing sustainability, we develop roller screws needing less lubrication, lower friction, and environmentally friendly materials, improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

E.E: What are the most innovative products/services marketed?

J.D: Patented Herringbone Roller Bearings: These high-capacity bearings feature threaded rollers, multiplying contact points and creating a virtual stack of bearings without extra space. The right and left-hand threads ensure pure rolling conditions, extending bearing life up to 30 times compared to traditional solutions.

Patented Roller Screws: New designs with improved gear and thread profiles, increased thread length, and enhanced lubricant life offer 40% greater capacity in the same space. The range includes a differential design for extreme precision and long-thread designs for linear speeds over 2m/s. An integrated self-locking option addresses back-driving issues in critical applications.

Integration of Herringbone Bearings on Roller Screws: This combination achieves the highest power density, simplifying design and integration into actuators. It offers substantial weight savings and space efficiency, used in aerospace and industrial applications for unparalleled compactness.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2024?

J.D: Market Expansion, Revenue Growth, and Customer Engagement: We anticipate increased sales due to rising demand for high-performance bearings and roller screws. Enhancing application engineering and customer service in select countries will strengthen our global presence. Expanding technical support services will offer comprehensive consultation, customization, and after-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Product Innovation and Development: We will continue to innovate with new products featuring higher load capacities, compact designs, and integrated smart technologies, introducing several revolutionary features by the end of the year.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: We will seek strategic partnerships with industry leaders to co-develop innovative solutions, expand our market reach, and maintain our competitive edge.

Conclusion: ALT Bearings is poised for a successful 2024, marked by market expansion, product innovation, technological advancements, and a commitment to sustainability. Leveraging our strengths in engineering and customer support, we aim to drive growth and solidify our leadership in the roller screw and bearing industry.