In today’s rapidly advancing electronics manufacturing landscape, achieving zero defects and maintaining stringent quality control standards throughout production processes are paramount. The precision alignment and attachment of components, particularly with flex circuits, can pose significant challenges that demand innovative solutions.

Recognising the need for precision and repeatability in electronics production, May & Scofield, designer and manufacturer of electronic controls and systems, turned to Altus Group, a leading capital equipment distributor in the UK and Ireland. Faced with challenges in their existing manual soldering methods, they sought a solution capable of meeting the stringent requirements for accuracy and consistency integral to their operations.

For May & Scofield’s customer, zero hand soldering was mandatory. “We had an extremely challenging application of precisely attaching flexi circuits to rigid PCBs, where manual soldering was not permitted by our prestige automotive customer,” said Nuno Goncalves, May & Scofield Production Manager.

After reviewing the challenge, Altus recommended Promation’s Quick 9434 robotic soldering platform as the ideal solution. The Quick 9434 features a 4-axis configuration with a teach pendant for intuitive programming. It utilises Promation’s advanced hot iron system, rapidly achieving temperatures up to 500°C. A closed-loop sensor enables exceptional thermal stability and accuracy with the solder wire feeder, utilising fine-toothed gears to feed and perforate solder. This maximizes flux core outgassing to minimize solder splashing for optimum quality.

Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group said: “We’re pleased to have assisted May & Scofield with advanced technology to enhance their manufacturing processes. The Promation Quick 9434 has made a difference in their production, providing precision and reliability in their soldering process. 

With minimal operator involvement, it streamlines operations while optimising resources. May & Scofield’s successful adoption of the Quick 9434 demonstrates its effectiveness in overcoming manual limitations, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.”

By successfully implementing Promation’s Quick 9434 system, May & Scofield has automated the delicate process of flex circuit soldering, effectively addressing their complex manufacturing challenge. The system’s advanced technology and precision control capabilities have overcome the limitations of manual soldering, efficiently handling fragile components. Its advanced programming and process monitoring also ensure reliable and repeatable solder joint quality.