Yet scent is not a new idea; the history of scenting dates back millennia.  But for most of that time, the technology was stagnant.  We had thousands of years of burning things to release nice smells before we even started putting holes in the ozone layer with aerosol chlorofluorocarbon propellants.

In recent times, increasing conusmer expectations, higher standards of safety, and growing committment to sustainability meant it was time for the industry to evolve.  The fragrance industry needed more advanced technology.

One company that rose to the challenge of the post-aerosol era is Prolitec, Inc.  

Founded in France in the 1990s, the company was an R&D organization under the name Projected Liquid Technologies. They were working in the field of venturi technology, unrelated to the realm of fragrance.  Realizing the potential applications of this technology and their patents in the world of ambient scent, a US company aquired them in 2005 and moved operations to Milwaukee, WI.  Since then, the company has grown its technology patent portfolio to more than 150.  They’ve also successfully defended them – as recently as January of 2024 a court jury decision affirmed the validity of 6 patent claims in a case against major Chinese-owned competitor, ScentAir.

The biggest technology leap is the size of the droplets produced in venturi diffusion.  Venturis work by forcing air through a narrow space, causing an increase in speed and a decrease in pressure.  This creates a vacuum that draws in fluid and breaks it into microdroplets, 50X smaller than aerosol droplets.  

The venturi diffusion produces the microdroplets without harmful VOCs, chlorofluorocarbons, or dangerous heating sources such as open flames.

All of Prolitec diffusion appliances incorporate venturis under the name AirQ™ technology.  But they are tailored to different commercial applications in terms of size, mounting options, and programming.  

Prolitec’s workhorse diffusion appliances

Most common commercial spaces share some similarities.  There are average ceiling heights, hallway widths, and restroom dimensions.  Using their expertise and these industry standards, Prolitec created a midrange size line of diffusion appliances to serve most customer needs.  

AQ500 Series

The most versatile of the appliances – the AQ500 series can be free-standing, wall-mounted, mounted directly into track light systems, or incorporated into customer HVAC systems.  The digital display and controls offer extensive programmability.  The machines can carry up to 21 different start/stop times, in addition to 24/7 mode.  This allows the machines to accommodate customer open and close times, as well as peak busy hours.  Each AQ500 series can serve up to 30,000 cubic feet.

These adaptable appliances have found homes across all industries with customers around the world and the feedback is glowing:

“On behalf of Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague, please allow me to present our recommendation for the aroma products of Prolitec.  Our aromas have brought another level of comfort for our guests. Pure high-quality aroma anytime.  The sense of smell is one of the most influential human senses. Blue Wood aroma gives our customers a very positive experience that our guests recall because it evokes a feeling of a spring walk through the woods.” – Michal Chour, General Manager, Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague

AQ800 Series

Some commercial environments are not conducive to wall-mount options.  Customers do not want to drill holes in their steel, glass, marble, or even tile wall finishings.  Also, some regions prefer to peek ‘behind the curtain’ and see the technology out in the open.  For these instances, there are tower-style appliances.  These free-standing appliances can be easily moved to accommodate airflow needs.  For example, sliding doors in vestibules create an outflow, drawing fragrance out.  HVAC intake draws air towards them.  Towers can be positioned wherever makes most sense.  Additionally, Prolitec programming allows for different off-cycle frequencies of 30 seconds, 2 minutes, or 7 minutes.  This means the appliances can further accommodate airflow needs by releasing fragrance at more regular or more delayed intervals.

Remote Control Capabilities – ScenXus

Prolitec pioneered IoT innovations as applied to the scenting industry with their patented ScenXus technology.  ScenXus connects diffusion appliances over WiFi to Prolitec’s US-based customer care team, significantly elevating their service capabilities.  At the touch of a button, customer care can make instantaneous adjustments to scent intensity or programming in appliances from India to Indiana.  This remote capability ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction.  

In this age of concern with data security, ScenXus places paramount importance on safety. The system boasts robust security measures, aligning with the globally recognized IEC/ISO 27001 standards for Information Security Management. 

In essence, ScenXus not only offers remote connectivity and operational efficiency but also exemplifies an unwavering commitment to impeccable security measures. All these facets converge to provide Prolitec’s customers with an unparalleled user experience that sets new standards in reliability and customer satisfaction.

The Big Boys in the lineup

AQ1200 Series

For large installations and expansive customer spaces there is the 1200 series of appliances.  These big boys mount into customer HVAC systems.  It was imperative as part of the development of these technologies that the diffusions were safe for customer air handling systems.  

FläktGroup is a world leader in the air care market.  For more than 100 years FläktGroup has delivered engineered solutions that improve air quality and safety for people around the world.  They tested Prolitec diffusion technology in air handling systems and released the following results:

“Our primary concern was to ensure that the release of scented air was not going to create any form of sticky residue on the surfaces of our equipment.  We also wanted to be confident that the scent was not going to negatively impact upon the performance of the equipment, nor be affected by the changes in temperature and humidity that our equipment is designed to create. Following those tests and subsequent field trials, I am happy to confirm that Prolitec AirQ™ products are suitable for incorporation into HVAC installations.” – Neil Yule, Director for Systems, Fläkt Woods Air Climate Europe, FläktGroup

An additional consideration in HVAC installation is temperature when the air handling units are on roofs.  The liquid fragrance in the cartridges within the machines needs to be prevented from freezing.  The AQ1200 series has an optional environmental stability kit for installations on rooftops in colder climates, ensuring they can maintain performance standards even in inclement weather. 

AQ1500 Series

So, what about direct diffusion in even larger spaces?  Enter the AQ1500 series, comprised of one central control unit and up to four separate diffusion heads.  Each of the four heads can treat up to 150,000 cubic ft, run on its own individual programming, and be mounted up to 100 ft from the control unit.  These appliances are most commonly employed in trash rooms, compactor areas, and loading docks.  

The prestigious 533-room JW Marriott hotel in Nashville, TN leverages this sophisticated AQ1500 series system in its waste management infrastructure to maintain pristine-smelling trash rooms and loading docks. Steve Vaughn, the Director of Engineering at the property, shared his insights:

Everyone used to complain about the smell, but since we put in the Prolitec AQ1500 system, I haven’t heard a single word.  One day the power went out and the machines were off – it was an instant reminder of how much of an impact they have.  The trash odor was just awful.  As soon as the power came back, within minutes the room smelled great again.  It’s a super product.

Electrical outlets, particularly in back of house applications, can be a major roadblock to installing diffusers and the AQ1500 series is Prolitec’s answer to this hurdle.  Only the central control unit of the AQ1500 series needs to be plugged in. So, installers can place it near any outlet within 100 feet of the targeted scent areas.  It is a major cost saver for customers who would otherwise have had to spend for additional electrical services.

Pocket-sized Powerhouses

There can be too much of a good thing.  Who would want a commercial appliance capable of serving 600,000 cubic ft taking the place of their relaxing bath candle or reed diffuser?  Still, that does not mean that home fragrance can’t enjoy the same technological advances enjoyed by commercial customers.  Aera is a line of home diffusers that also incorporate venturi technology in their diffusion.  There are three versions to meet varying consumer needs:


The Aera diffuser is a state-of-the-art diffuser designed to fill medium to large residential rooms with clean fragrance and delightful scents. Designed to play fragrance in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, playrooms, etc., the adjustable settings range from 1 to 10 and allow users to customize the fragrance intensity according to the size of their room(s). Like Prolitec’s commercial diffusion, the hypoallergenic scent effect ensures a safe environment for family and pets. One device can effectively treat up to 1100 sq ft.

A key differentiator of Aera is its proprietary app.  With the convenience of the Aera app, you can easily create schedules and control the diffuser directly from your phone. It is compatible with Apple and Androids, both phones and tablets.  It enables users to experience both energy saving and cost saving fragrance experiences, all at their fingertips.

Aera Mini:

Aera Mini is the little brother to Aera and it revolutionizes the world of plug-ins.  Just as commercial scenting technology spent years stagnant, so did the age of plug-ins.  Aera Mini changes that game.  One Aera Mini will scent a small space of 200-400 sq ft and at medium scent intensity, the cartridge will last an average of 60 days.  Just like its big brother, Aera Mini provides a no-fade scent effect.  Traditional plug-ins are more intense when fresh and closest to the source.  They also fade quickly, as soon as 3-4 days, leaving disappointed customers with only the base notes of the fragrance for the remainder of the experience.  Aera Mini provides perfectly even scent effect and true fragrance character throughout the space, same on day one as on day sixty.

This vastly improved experience is leading to technology adoption outside of just home use.  Aera Mini is being explored as in-room scenting in the hospitality, spa, and cruise industries, just to name a few.

Aera Go:

Introducing the latest addition to the Aera residential line – the Aera Go. Launched in the Fall of 2023, this sleek diffuser is designed to fit seamlessly in a vehicle’s cup holder.  The Aera Go operates by using fragrance only when the car is running, making it both economical and environmentally friendly.  Each capsule lasts up to 350 hours and the diffuser connects to USB power for added convenience.  Users simply turn the dial to adjust among the 10 levels of scent intensity and enjoy!

Applications for the Aera Go are far-ranging.  Not only has it found happy customers among individual drivers looking to improve their car’s atmosphere, but it’s finding early adoption among rideshare and other commercial drivers.  Time will tell if other driving industries, such as rental agencies or trucking companies, will be ready for an upgrade over the ‘ole cardboard pine tree.

And what of smaller commercial spaces?  

The Cube (AQ160):

Measuring just 6 inches, the Cube is Prolitec’s smallest commercial appliance. With full Prolitec programming functionality, it’s the ideal table-top diffuser for small spaces. Covering up to 10,000 cubic ft, the Cube offers no-impact installation scenting for small offices, waiting rooms, and boutique retail stores.

Genie (AQ200 Series):

There must always, in the world of air care, be a consideration of malodor, from restrooms to gyms and pet spaces.  These spaces are usually smaller and with less natural airflow, compounding the problems stemming from their stinky operations.  For these applications, Prolitec created their AQ270.  This is a sleek appliance with a slimmer profile that mounts discreetly neatly onto walls.  

Prolitec Genie technology has been widely adopted around the world for its effectiveness.  Today, more than 2000 Walmart stores have installed Prolitec Genie appliances in their restrooms.  The goal was to improve their cleanliness scores and create an “unexpected experience” for their customers.  Prolitec has activated more than 8000 appliances with the custom created Ozark Journey fragrance and will continue to roll out to the balance of Walmart locations in accordance with their remodel schedule.

Eliminating malodors is only partly about the technology of the appliances.  The other side of the coin is fragrance technology.  


dsm-firmenich is the largest privately owned fragrance house in the world, with over 120 years of experience.  In 2015, dsm-firmenich and Prolitec formed a strategic partnership to develop catalogue and custom fragrances for top clients worldwide based on the latest fragrance trends and malodor needs.  Their patented fragrance technology and passion for R&D allowed the partnership to develop a range of Genie fragrances that target specific malodors.  Today Prolitec offers Genie lines for restrooms, smoke (both cigarette and cannabis), body odor, kitchen spaces, pest control, and trash.

Developing such tailored and effective solutions is no small task.  To develop the Genie Pest line, dsm-firmenich analyzed more than 400 volatile compounds produced during the different stages of decomposition to identify odor-causing molecules.  This enabled them to create and test fragrances specifically designed to neutralize these odors.

dsm-firmenich incorporated their ground-breaking Malodor Control DeodEclyx®R technology into the fragrances.  DeodEclyx®R’s aldehyde and ketones react with odor-causing diamines, such as putrescine and cadaverine, the leading causes of decomposition malodor.  The patented molecules target odorous molecules, chemically reacting to form new, non-odorous molecules.  


Creating an elevated brand experience and/or eliminating odors may solve a client’s scent objectives, but their customer experience also has to be top of mind for any scent provider.  For Prolitec, that means an unwavering dedication to safety and the highest adherance to global standards.

Prolitec’s patented AirQ™ technology adheres to the strictest global safety standards (US, California, EPA VOC, IFRA, RIFM, TSCA, OSHA) and also complies with stringent VOC regulations. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are known pollutants that have adverse impacts on the environment.  Prolitec AirQ™  fragrances contain VOC concentrations well below the levels set out by the California Code of Regulations Title 17, which has the strictest regulations on VOCs.

Prolitec also commissioned independent studies to certify safety, both for products and customers.

To test for human impact, Prolitec and dsm-firmenich worked with Monell Chemical Research Center. They conducted a study with 105 participants who lived with Prolitec diffusion for a one week period.  At the conclusion of the study, Monell found that after one week of exposure to a continuous indoor fragrance participants’ pulmonary and inflammatory responses were not affected.  Based on this study and the microdroplet size of particles, Prolitec’s diffusion can be deemed a hypoallergenic scent effect.

While providing safe solution to customers is the top line goal for scent providers, some companies go beyond, merging business goals with global green ethos; and consumers are increasingly drawn to fragrances made with natural ingredients.  According to studies by Hearst Magazine and MarketCast, 75% of consumers are interested in purchasing brands that prioritize sustainability. Before making a purchase, they want to know if a fragrance is environmentally friendly and made with natural ingredients. This growing demand for natural fragrances has led to the rapid growth of the natural fragrance market, which is projected to reach $1.59 billion by 2025, with an 8.59% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Prolitec chose dsm-firmenich as their strategic partner partly due to the alignment between the companies in committment to sustainability.  dsm-firmenich has received the prestigious AAA rating by the CDP for climate change, water security, and forests, making them one of only six companies worldwide to earn this recognition. dsm-firmenich produces fragrances using 100% renewable electricity and ensures zero manufacturing waste-to-landfill across their global operations.

In the words of Sandra Barvaux, Prolitec’s Vice President of Fragrance, “Prolitec touches millions of people across the world every day. We are committed to providing a safe and environmentally friendly scent experience. Sourcing fragrances that contain high quality, renewable and sustainable raw materials is a must to achieve this goal. Which is why we sought out a fragrance house with shared values and are pleased to work with dsm-firmenich to attain the highest possible level of green practices.”

dsm-firmenich’s farm to fragrance approach and depth of care for sustainability at every level of their supply chain is mirrored in Prolitec’s approach.  Their business model is full-service, meaning end users never have to touch the appliances.  Prolitec certified technicians come out to make programming adjustments and replace cartridges as needed.  Realizing this hands-on approach had a negative impact on carbon footprint was part of the motivation that led Prolitec to develop ScenXus – their IoT technology.

ScenXus allows for remote control of the machines, meaning Prolitec’s US-based Customer Care department can make programming adjustments from their office for any connected machine around the world.  This saves the travel footprint of sending out a technician, in addition to provide delightfully instantaneous service to customers.  To date, in the US alone, ScenXus has saved 31,361 miles of driving, reducing Prolitec carbon footprint by approximately 10.5 metric tons of CO2e.

With a diverse selection of products and fragrances, underscored by a committment to sustainability, Prolitec’s technology stands out with its innovative approach to ambient scent solutions. By integrating cutting-edge technology into air care, Prolitec is at the forefront, shaping the future of the industry.