Efficient processes are crucial for successful airport operations. Montech’s automated and innovative conveying technologies provide the flexibility and efficiency required for smooth baggage and security checks, as well as for fast and convenient bag-drop processes. 

Montech AG specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. This Swiss technology company has recognized the specific requirements of airport operations, so it offers suitable conveying technologies with high-performance materials, energy-efficient drives, and innovative functional design in its product portfolio. The modular belt conveyor system offers a simple and versatile design and provides custom-tailored solutions at attractive prices with short delivery times.

High-performance materials

Montech is committed to optimizing its products and innovating constantly. The choice of materials plays a decisive role here. The materials used in Montech’s belt conveyors are extremely durable. The framing of the belt conveyors consists of an anodized aluminum profile that is extremely lightweight and corrosion resistant. These belts are available in anti-static and cut-proof versions, so they are perfectly suited to the specific requirements of airport operations.

Automation for airports

Montech’s engineers are constantly searching for optimal technical solutions for efficient airport processes. The belt conveyors’ profiles have grooves for fixing side guides without additional brackets, as well as T-grooves for supporting on floor stands and attaching other accessories. The motor is integrated into the drive roller, which allows a compact design of the belt conveyor without protruding contours or increased overall height. This is a major advantage for bag drops and security checks. In addition, Montech’s motors are energy efficient. They are up to 25% more efficient than the minimum efficiency class IE2 for mains-powered electric motors. Even compared to the highest efficiency class IE5, Montech’s belt conveyors are up to 10% more efficient, which contributes to sustainability and cost reduction at airports in the long term.

Functional design

In terms of design, Montech also has a sophisticated solution. The TB40 belt conveyor distinguishes itself thanks to its remarkably low height of just 80 mm, which sets it apart from other belt conveyors on the market. It offers travelers significant relief and greater comfort. With a lower baggage belt for the bag drop, passengers don’t have to lift their heavy bags so high onto the scales. This accelerates the bag-drop process and optimizes the working process. The compact design of the TB40 belt conveyor also allows seamless and space-saving integration into various screening systems. 

All of these advantages make Montech belts the ideal choice for efficient airport operations.