Automating production processes is a major step toward more efficient operations and improved resource utilization. With its innovative conveyor technology, Montech Conveyors Corp. offers custom-tailored solutions. 

A dry ice manufacturer faced the challenge of moving from manual to automated production. This change was not only supposed to take into account the different ejection and working heights of the machines, but also provide a mobile solution that ensures the sawing of ice blocks. 

Efficient and automated dry ice production 

Innovative conveyor technology was needed to meet these requirements. The aim was to make dry ice production more efficient while minimizing the need for manual intervention. Montech Conveyors Corp. provides innovative belt conveyors, which proved to be the perfect answer. This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems.

Tailored, mobile, and flexible

Montech Conveyors Corp. installed a total of five belt conveyors, including two TB40 and three TB30 belt conveyors – all tailored to meet the different requirements of production. The need to be able to saw ice blocks was particularly challenging. Cleverly placed belt conveyors allow this. To keep them mobile as desired, Montech Conveyors Corp. equipped all belt conveyors with rollers, allowing them to be repositioned quickly and easily if required. This not only allows flexible adaptation to production conditions, but also facilitates maintenance and cleaning work.

A solution with many advantages

The automation of dry ice production through innovative conveying technology offers the dry ice manufacturer a variety of advantages for the efficiency and flexibility of its production process. In addition to an optimized and resource-saving work process, the new conveyor technology offers dry ice manufacturers a simple solution to compensate for differences in height. Accessibility to the processing machine is improved by the mobile substructure, while the flexibility of the solution ensures use for various processing machines. The combination of a custom-tailored solution and an attractive, functional design makes the system a forward-looking investment for the dry ice maker.