AXIS Tech is one of the leading biomass energy equipment companies in the Baltic states supplying green and sustainable energy solutions to cities and individual enterprises. This experience made our company an expert in generating energy from renewable biomass. 

The expert team of AXIS Tech boasts nearly 30-year professional experience and has implemented over 200 biomass boiler house projects in Europe and beyond.

Converting biomass into clean energy with a minimal environmental impact is a big challenge that requires complex engineering of combustion processes with the highest standards – the company’s projects comply with the ISO and OHSAS quality standards.

AXIS Tech products scope covers:

  • ENERGY. Reliable biomass equipment for boiler houses and power plants
  • EFFICIENCY. Efficiency solutions for existing biomass boiler plants
  • ENVIRONMENT. Emissions reduction projects that make existing plants more environment-friendly

The company works in industries such as Agriculture, Wood and Paper, Food and Beverage, Heating Supply and Power Production. Our company can deliver a full scope of biomass boiler plant equipment for new and existing facilities that include the following:

  • Fuel storage & transportation systems
  • Biomass combustion systems
  • Flue gas cleaning solutions
  • Efficiency improvement systems
  • Ash removal & storage systems

For some time now, the market trends of the energy sector have been the transition to sustainable energy and the empowerment of renewable sources by generating thermal and electrical power. Due to the geopolitical situation, solutions are being sought that will allow us to abandon gas consumption in the countries of the European Union and ensure energy supply to businesses and civilians. In solving this situation, it is essential to optimize European power plants, for example, AXIS Tech with INDEEL LT company provides innovative solutions for biomass boiler plants – equipment that increases the efficiency of the existing boiler house by 8 – 12 %, ensures efficient usage of fuel, ejects less CO2 and helps reduce the cost of energy for consumers. 

In the past, it was common to produce only thermal energy from biomass, but the available biomass equipment allows the implementation of solutions that can generate electricity or combined production of thermal and electric power. The involvement of European and state institutions for renewable energy production and efficiency solutions is also significant here. 

Moreover, the AXIS Tech team is currently developing a project to improve the biomass furnace. This update will allow the burning of SM3 tyle biofuel, which is characterized by high humidity (55-60%) and the burning process produces more ash. Also, SM3 fuel increases other parameters that can lead to loss of equipment efficiency and more increased flue gas emissions during the combustion process. 

AXIS Tech together with Lithuanian Energy Institute, is implementing a project financed by the European Union that aims to improve the market situation in the agro-biomass incineration sector and to develop a technology that would allow different types of agro-biomass to be burned in one plant. This project will also lead to reducing CO2 emissions during the incineration process and ensure longer incineration times. In addition, with the application of innovative combustion technology, the ash left over from the burned agro-biomass could be used in the construction sector as a binder or gypsum by using additional elements.

During the implementation of the project, it is planned to develop and test a unique agro-biomass combustion technology AXT_BioT, which will be able to ensure efficient combustion of such fuel and the process of obtaining a heating agent regardless of the changing fuel fraction or chemical composition.