We are thrilled to introduce the latest breakthrough of AzureFilm: the Prime filament collection. The Prime collection is redefining standards for performance, reliability, and versatility across various industries. Comprising PLA, ASA, and ABS materials, these filaments are engineered to meet the diverse needs of makers, engineers, and creators.

Key features of the Prime collection:

No warping

Unlike traditional materials like ABS and ASA, the Prime collection offers warp-free printing, mitigating a common challenge in 3D printing. By eliminating warping, these filaments facilitate smoother printing experiences, reduce errors, and ensure consistent results, particularly in complex geometries and large-scale prints.

Prime ABS

Superior interlayer adhesion

Another standout feature is the Prime filaments’ exceptional interlayer adhesion, ensuring seamless bonding between layers for structurally strong and error-free prints. This not only enhances print quality but also minimizes the risk of delamination and other printing issues.

Unparalleled heat resistance

Exceptional heat resistance makes Prime filaments ideal for applications where thermal endurance is paramount. Whether in electronic housings or automotive components, these filaments maintain structural integrity even under extreme conditions, ensuring unmatched reliability and durability.

Prime PLA vs PLA Original

Enhanced impact resistance

Prime filaments boast enhanced impact resistance, engineered to withstand sudden impacts without warping, cracking, or breaking. This resilience ensures prints remain intact and robust, even in challenging environments.

Precision printing and versatility

Prime filaments are designed for high-precision printing, enabling users to achieve intricate details with ease. Their compatibility with a wide range of 3D printers ensures flexibility and convenience for users of all skill levels.

Prime ASA

Let’s delve deeper into each variant within the Prime collection:

PLA Prime

PLA Prime combines advanced engineering-grade formulation with exceptional heat resistance, high impact strength, and minimal shrinkage after annealing. It delivers reliable print results, even at high speeds, with excellent intermediate adhesion for structural integrity.

ASA Prime

ASA Prime represents the pinnacle of filament technology, offering zero warping, exceptional interlayer adhesion, and enhanced strength. It is designed for outdoor use and excels in UV and weather resistance, making it ideal for demanding applications.

ABS Prime

ABS Prime delivers durability and performance for demanding applications, with zero warping and exceptional interlayer adhesion. It ensures accurate printing with intricate details and emits significantly less odour during printing compared to standard ABS.

With the Prime filament collection, AzureFilm continues to lead the charge in elevating 3D printing standards. From superior performance to enhanced reliability, these filaments empower creators to realise their visions with unparalleled precision and quality.