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Product portfolio

bda connectivity, based in Asslar, Germany, manufactures special cables and EMC measurement systems as well as antenna line products. 

bda connectivity – the name is our philosophy: For more than 60 years we have been active in the world of communication and connectivity. bda connectivity, based in Asslar, Germany, manufactures special cables which are optimized for several applications for our customers in the electrical and electronics industry, for telecommunications network operators, electrical wholesalers, the automotive supply industry as well as medical technology and science. 

With the continuous development of the cables, bda connectivity has gained extensive knowledge, which we have invested in EMC measurement technology. The CoMeT measurement system is one among the world’s leading test systems for measuring the screening  effectiveness of cables, connectors, cable assemblies and components, etc. 

A third pillar of bda connectivity’s product portfolio complements the company’s philosophy of best connections worldwide as it consists of high-quality indoor antennas and passive components for the telecommunications market. Our products fulfill the latest market requirements in both quality and cost competitiveness and provide the comfort of a seamless connection experience for our customers.


bda connectivity has arisen from the special cables division of bedea Berkenhoff&Drebes GmbH. Since its foundation by Carl Berkenhoff in 1889, the company has been known for its constant innovative strength and excellent quality. After the takeover of the cable division of bedea Berkenhoff & Drebes by the managing directors Eike Barczynski and Christian Harel in 2018, the company bda connectivity GmbH has developed very positively and is well positioned with its subsidiary in Singapore and distributors throughout the world to meet the challenges of current and future markets. Speaking of current challenges – of course, the Covid pandemic situation has thrown back the bda connectivity’s turnover as this is a natural fact of less demand. However, thanks to recovering business and to the new sales and marketing focus of the company we can see a great increase in incoming orders and sales. 


As the market becomes more and more digital bda connectivity has been actively upgrading its internet appearance. After successful re-launch of the company’s website and social media appearance we continued the digital evolutionary process by realizing a new idea: The portal “” easily and intuitively leads the visitor through basic cable choices in the world of communication cables. It shows and describes general areas of application for the various cable types. The visitor can click on the cable types commonly used in this area to get brief information about the special features of the individual cables. This information includes a link to the respective product page of the company, where further information about the cable is provided, along with a link to the digital product information system. This product database contains all available articles. Interested parties can easily and intuitively search and compare cables or download the data sheets as pdf. All data is centrally monitored and kept up-to-date to guarantee automated, high-quality presentation of all product information, which is the basis for the demand-oriented output of data. 

However, these activities can only be the first steps towards a truly digital user experience. Our company stands for quality, trust, and service; and we want our customers and suppliers to feel in exactly that way when they work with us. Long-lasting and trustful cooperation provides sustainability in business relationships that is seen as one of the success factors for our company. 

Latest innovation

bda connectivity does not rest on its experience and achievements. On the contrary, the company always strives for innovations and improvements to enhance products, service and sustainability of production. One of the latest developments is a process in order to cover carbon nano tubes in a way they can be further processed: The walls of carbon nanotubes consist only of carbon. The diameter of the tubes is usually in the range of 1 to 50 nm (nanometers), but there are also tubes with a diameter of only 0.4 nm. These carbon nanotubes are electrically conductive. The carbon nanotubes are coated with a braid of non-conductive material. This protects the sensitive carbon nanotubes. At the same time, the carbon nanotubes are arranged in the braiding in such a way that they cannot slip out of the braiding. This production process is patent pending.

Cooperation highlights / References

Being part of the ambitious projects of our customer bda connectivity contributes to their success stories, e.g. 

  • nanosensor cables used in a particle accelerator;
  • multiple sensor cables used in a grain silo;
  • seawater resistant trailing cable in a sea expedition;
  • high-end audio cables with silver or silver-plated inner conductor;
  • hybrid video cables with extra power line;
  • high-voltage cables;
  • carbon nanotubes extruded and ready for further processing;

Product highlights

High-end speaker cables

bda connectivity is your partner for high-end speaker cables. We offer solutions for all kinds of requests and applications, from silver-plated inner conductors to specific materials or colors for insulation. Depending on your requirements we offer standard cables, twin cables, coaxial highly flexible loudspeaker cables, twin-axial cables and multi-channel constructions. 

Coaxial video cables

Coaxial video cables made by bda connectivity are characterized by tight characteristic impedances of 75 Ω +/-1% to withstand signal reflections that lead to considerable degradation of the picture quality when using a large number of video cables side by side. We also offer cables with halogen-free and flame retardant equipment (FRNC).

Radio frequency (RF) cables

bda connectivity manufactures 50 Ω radio frequency coaxial cables in different dimensions and shapes for radio and broadcast applications. Besides the international used cable types according to the US-MIL 

standards RG we offer attenuation optimized modifications with enhanced screening efficiency for VSAT, WLAN, RFID and other radio services.

Indoor antennas

While the telecommunication signal is easily transmitted outside, due to brick walls, metal parts etc. it is almost impossible to receive good signals inside buildings. Therefore, antennas provide the connection between devices and network. Indoor antennas require not only electrical performance that guarantees a good connection and signal transmit and receive with devices but also maintain a low visual impact to general public. The 1-port versions (SISO operation), 2-port version (MIMO operation) and 4-port versions as directional antenna or omni-directional antenna are available. The indoor antennas have an extended frequency of up to 6 GHz for use in 5-G networks.

About bda connectivity GmbH

For more than 60 years we have been manufacturing special cables that are optimized for the respective area of application. A new part of the product portfolio consists of high-quality indoor antennas and passive components for the telecommunications market. The “CoMeT” measuring system developed by the company is an important anchor for measuring the screening effectiveness of cables, connectors, assemblies and distribution components.

Our customers are active in the fields of electrical and electronics industry, telecommunication networks, electrical wholesale, automotive supply industry, audio and studio technology as well as medical technology and science.