GREEN DRAIN offers simple and efficient learning academy

GREEN DRAIN Academy is GREEN DRAINs web-based training, that certifies sales staff and makes them capable of selling as well as advising about the new standard within drain technology.

New technology

GREEN DRAIN is the new standard within trap seals for floor drains. A disruptive retrofit solution, much more efficient than the only option previously available, known as the water trap seal. 

In order to spread knowledge about GREEN DRAINs benefits, GREEN DRAIN EUROPE has developed an e-learning program which is accessible via either a partner-link or at the frontpage of It only takes 10-15 minutes and can be attended from a computer as well as a smartphone.

The program is easy to understand and have videos explaining benefits and installation. When having ended the tasks successfully a diploma will be sent to the attendant’s mailbox as a proof of being a certified GREEN DRAIN Ambassador. Example shown below.

“We definitely see significant growth in interest and sales these days, and I am convinced that our Academy is one of the reasons for this. We are representing a new category of products within plumbing technology, and it is crucial to us that the word and brand knowledge are spread throughout the business.” Says Keld Rindom, CEO of Green Drain Europe. He continues;” As GREEN DRAIN also can be installed by non-professionals, we offer a virtual brochure suitable for privates accessible from our website.”

More about GREEN DRAIN

GREEN DRAIN is used by several different industries to prevent unpleasant things from entering through the drains. Among these can be mentioned pest control, facility management, DIY chains and wholesalers within the plumbing industry. The easy installation and hassle-free functionality make it a must have, and also the fact that no standing water is necessary in order to block the gases, makes it the only choice in deserted facilities, i.e. during Covid-19.

GREEN DRAIN is a one-way-valve that allows the flow of water flowing free and at the same time blocks for odors, dangerous gases, virus, insects and pests.

GREEN DRAIN has achieved a lot of certificates and accreditations globally. Most important for the European market are the CE-marking within building regulations and HACCP within food safety.