ROQ Group is an industrial company, vertically integrated, internationally recognized for its quality, durability, reliability and innovation, characteristics supported by a team of about 630 people that ensures the know-how and the forefront in developing products of excellence.

ROQ has been working within its field of activity since its inception, the manufacturing and commercialization of screen and digital printing machines as well as dryingfolding and packaging solutions.

With its 38 years of history, ROQ is a globalized company, possessing an extensive network encompassing all continents and exporting 85% of its products to over 60 countries, with a firmly consolidated sales volume of 60 million €.

With headquarters in Europe (Portugal) and offices in the United States and Brazil, the company also has agents all around the world to ensure distribution and post-sale support in all their active markets.

Easy Engineerig: What are the most successful products in your line-up?

ROQ: At ROQ, we have been developing and manufacturing the most reliable and durable screen-printing machines and solutions on the market for over 30 years now.

These machines have been shipped to more than 60 countries all around the word and help take businesses and print shops to higher levels than ever before.

Allied to these screen-printing machines, our industrial dryer ROQ Sahara and packaging solutions, we have recently added to our catalog the most productive and advanced 3rd Generation digital printing equipment for the Web to Print and DTG markets.

With the ROQ Now, our fully digital powerhouse capable of printing over 200 pieces an hour, and the ROQ Hybrid, a perfect fusion between screen and digital printing, we have a complete line of solutions that have been boosting our clients’ abilities to enter these new markets.

E.E: Tell us about the team in your company and how important is the human factor?

ROQ: Grounded by Kaizen methodology, people development is one of our main focuses here at ROQ. 

With over 630 people working at our facilities, we make sure to create the best work environment possible.  The human factor is the greatest value our company has. We aim to encourage their creative and relational skills, empowering them to become better professionals and to pursue great careers in their respective fields.

Every member of the company is essential and the quality of the services we provide is due to every team rowing in the same direction towards a common goal, the pursuit of excellence and innovation.

E.E: What can you tell us about products distribution?

ROQ: ROQ has been providing solutions to businesses all over the world for a long time now. Our ROQ machines have reached over 60 countries and this number keeps growing every year as our continuous search for new heights and desire to explore new markets keeps leading us towards expansion.

When you become a ROQ client and acquire your first ROQ machine, a team of certified professionals will be assigned to assemble it at your location and brief you on how to use it, perform its maintenance and how to troubleshoot some common issues that could occur, guaranteeing a smooth start to your new machine’s life span.

In order to provide this service, we acquired a world-wide agent network that will ensure all of our clients can get a fast response time, no matter where they are located, and start working with their new ROQ machines as soon as possible.

E.E: What’s the client feedback for the best-selling products?

ROQ: The most common feedback we receive from clients and agents all over the world regarding our products is about their reliability, our incredible registration system and plethora of quality-of-life features that make printers lives easier.

We strive to create machines that spend their lifetime printing consistently and so, they are designed to rarely face issues and require minimal maintenance times. Due to this, often clients say they keep coming back for more ROQ solutions as they know these will be the ones that will guarantee a steady, consistent and stress-free production cycle.

E.E: How does this feedback impact development of new products?

ROQ: At ROQ, we have a customer feedback-oriented team focused on continuous improvement and on taking that knowledge to better our machines and create new solutions that will make printers lives easier.

This feedback is crucial and ensures our solutions stay up to date with market trends and keep adding value to our clients’ businesses. Without it, our machines would not be at the level they are today. 

This kind of information is invaluable to us and we strive to collect as much as possible through our client testimonies, general inquiries and interviews at the ROQ Tech Center.

E.E: Tell us about the research and development in your company?

ROQ: With over 50 engineers, our departments are divided into different sectors that focus on the various solutions we offer throughout our product line.

With the ROQ Tech Center and a top-of-the-line R&D facility, we are able to build prototypes, test out new solutions and take our customer’s feedback into consideration to build new features and apply upgrades into our existent machines.

Driven by continuous improvement, these teams are never content with the status quo and will always look for new ways to shake things up and build something truly extraordinary. We believe that in order to become a true “Partner in Print”, we must keep going forward and ensure our clients get the best tools possible, never letting complacency get in the way of innovation.

E.E: What is your company philosophy and what drives your company forward?

ROQ: Our philosophy is to create innovative products that will enhance people´s lives. We aim to keep helping our customers perform amazing feats with our digital, packaging and screen-printing solutions as we make use of our know-how and resources to solve their most complex challenges.

This philosophy that drives us and ensures our continuous growth is grounded within our five core values that make up the ROQ Business System: 

  • » Developing people 
  • » Listening to the voice of the customer 
  • » Kaizen is our “way of life”
  • » Innovation defines our future
  • » Competing to create value

E.E: What guarantees success in your area of activity?

ROQ: Nothing guarantees success in any line of business, but we make sure to create and surround ourselves of the best conditions in order to do so, both inside and outside the company premises. 

Inside, our departments are making use of continuous improvement methodologies and tools, staying one step ahead of the competition by setting ambitious goals, eliminating no added value activities and reducing waste, waiting times, costs and bureaucracy.

Outside, our sales and marketing teams set out to establish connections all over the world in order to accurately grasp market trends and needs, build communication bridges and enable a fast response time, customer support and distribution to any client no matter how far they might be located.

E.E: Give us some details about the after-sales service & customer support?

ROQ: Whenever we decide to open our solutions to a new market, we always make sure that our assistance network can properly service it, and if not, we make sure that it will.

After a client purchases a ROQ machine, we make sure to install it ourselves at their location and provide support and guidance in order for them to learn how to properly utilize it.

If by any reason our clients require further support down the line, they will have access to a top tier tech support group that will always do its best to ensure that these problems are fixed as soon as possible.

Within our team, we have local support agents that will either be in your country or in its proximity, ready to intervene in case of emergency, in person or remotely. These local support agents are either trained here in Portugal, where they receive a certification diploma, or trained by agents that already acquired their own certification.

Our main support team situated in Portugal is also always available to solve any major issues that might arise, providing their expertise and know-how in a personalized manner that will ensure every issue is solved according to our client’s specific problems.

With all the certifications and innovations, we have coming through, such as our augmented reality system that has been improved exponentially over the last few months, ROQ is ensuring a bright future for their support system, making sure our customers stay comfortable and relaxed knowing that certified help is only a call away and always happy to help!

ROQ Group

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