Technology is evolving on the daily and with that comes new opportunities to create new ideas to advance the construction industry. Stout Conveyors was able to do just that with the introduction of the TC-50. In the material handling space within the construction industry there was a lacking of smaller, more mobile, and more affordable machines. Equipment in this space has always been created with the mindset of “bigger is better”, however now a days that isn’t the case. Today jobs are evolving and contractors are becoming more specialized and with that comes the need for the perfect tool for the job. 

The TC-50 fits that need. It small enough and mobile enough to fit into jobsites where telebelts, pumps, and cranes can’t fit yet affordable enough that smaller companies can afford it. In the end it always comes down to pricing, and if you can now afford something you never used to be able to, it means you now can compete with the bigger companies and create more opportunities for growth within your organization. 

The TC-50 is transforming the telescoping conveyor market. Redefining how material is placed on jobsites – from 4” minus aggregate to concrete, and everything in between. With a strategically placed front-end hopper, 50’+ placement reach, and 240 degrees of rotation, any tough-to-navigate jobsite spot just became accessible. Despite its compact size, it can place material up to 100 CY/HR! The TC-50 was designed to be unhooked, set up, and running in 5-10 minutes; With its built-in pressure washer, clean-up is quick and seamless, too. 

The labor force is on every contractor’s mind in 2022, and for good reasons. With the introduction of the TC-50 we are now able to remove many of those labor hours from the equation. Lowering overhead, jobsite mistakes, and just flat-out increasing productions. A typical backfill job with a skid steer and 2 guys used to take 8-12 hours. We have now reduced that to 1 guy in 2-4 hours. The ability to make money and increase production has tripled due to this innovation. 

Stout Conveyors is just hitting the tip of the iceberg with the introduction of the TC-50 to the market this year. They have multiple other designs and ideas that will be introduced soon. 

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