Senya Crushers is a US based company that has worked with the partner supplier (top 3 manufacturer in all of Asia) for almost 60 years building all of the components for major mining, quarry, and aggregate production operations. The US branch was founded on the idea that half the cost of aggregate is the transportation, especially so these days. When you eliminate those costs by processing on site the savings are tremendous. Senya’s owner, who personally designed the crushers, founded Senya Crushers in the US on that concept as their foundation. The MICRO Crushers are manufactured in his plant he’s owned for over 30 years. 

With supply chain issues, soaring fuel costs, labor costs and shortages, innovation in the aggregate processing/production industry is as crucial today as it has ever been. Senya Crushers is at the cutting edge of this innovation with our MICRO Plant lineup. 

The company’s goal that they have finally completed this year is to duplicate all of the components in a major aggregate processing operation on a “MICRO” level in highly portable machinery allowing for easy aggregate processing onsite for the small to mid-sized contractor or aggregate producer.

Senya Crushers is literally pioneering this “MICRO Plant” category in the aggregate processing industry and here is truly nothing in the world even close to the offering of Senya Crushers.

Easy Engineering: What are the most innovative products/solutions in your lineup?

Senya Crushers: We offer two basic size jaw crushers in our MICRO Crusher lineup. The Senya 3 can produce up to 30 tons per hour (easily over 10 truckloads/day) and the Senya 6 produces 80 tons per hour and easily over 500 tons per day. We also offer an impact crusher which is the primary crusher type used for asphalt due to it’s soft and “gummy” nature. Our jaw crushers Senya 6 have no issue with asphalt as long as it’s crushed in cooler weather.

We also now have a  MICRO Screen Plant which sorts and grades three sizes of material, and custom screen sizes for specific output sizes are easily provided. They utilize polyethylene screens which last at least 5X longer than traditional wire screens.

Rounding out the lineup are our MICRO Conveyors which uniquely utilize angled idlers and a cleated belt giving a steep angle of convey. This allows for a 15’ discharge point in only a 23’ conveyor, 1/3 less than the length of traditional conveyors and in line with our extreme portability of our entire MICRO Plant lineup. There is a 28’ model which gives an 18’ discharge point as well. Both are DOT approved and easily towed. 

All of these components can be run off the crusher diesel generator power source, eliminating the need for addition power sources.

E.E: What was the research behind the products/solutions?

Senya Crushers: Our owner, Jun Sui, has been an engineer in the aggregate processing equipment industry most of his life. He actually was involved in the design of one of the largest impact crushers in the world art the time, a 2000 ton per hour machine that you could drive a car into the input opening! He’s spent a lifetime designing and engineering the bigger machinery for major aggregate processing plants, his experience is in this machinery is unparalleled.

The cost analysis research showed a tremendous ROI on our machinery as well. Our financial calculator for our Senya 3 here (Senya 3 Cashflow Calculator) shows where at only 15 truckloads per month on both the aggregate purchase and demo disposal side of the equation show where the machine pays for itself in a few short months and saves $225K the first year. When the volume gets to around 30 truckloads per month, that’s when a Senya 6 might make more sense and the savings/earnings can easiy approach $500K year 1! The main consideration on our MICRO Crusher lineup is which size crusher makes sense. Other than that, all options are standard for the machines, the screen plant, and conveyors. Customers can access the cashflow calculator on our website here (Senya Crusher Cashflow Calculator) and see what makes sense for their situation.

E.E: Tell us about their innovative features.

Senya Crushers: The amazing thing about our tiny crushers are their tremendous productivity given their small size and portability. Other than that, they are identical to the bigger machinery in working principle. The screen plants and MICRO Conveyors can handle both sizes of our MICRO Jaw Crushers, so the primary consideration is the volume or potential volume of the business in which size crusher would be best to start. Almost everyone can justify the cost of our crushers at minimal volume. 

Our machinery features highly overbuilt crushing power. In bigger operations, hardness of material being crushed can make a large difference in the cost of the equipment. We wanted hardness of material to be a non-issue with our MICRO Crushers. The massive flywheels that produce the crushing power do just that, there’s no material our Crushers don’t eat up like popcorn. River rock, granite, the harder material doesn’t even slow down our crushers, and they go through concrete like stryrofoam. Harnessing this massive crushing power on such a small platform has been no small engineering feat, crushing is a rough business! 

In addition, our crushers utilize electric motors driven by the US made generator, the operation and maintenance costs are literally negligible. Our Senya 3 runs all day long on less than $50 of fuel!

E.E: How important are these features for the users?

Senya Crushers: The portability of our MICRO Crushers and MICRO Plant offering is the biggest advantage with bigger crushers requiring a prime mover, but the considerably lower initial costs as well as almost negligible operation and maintenance costs for our MICRO Crushers are huge advantages as well. Portability, affordability, reliability, productivity, all add up to the biggest advantage-PROFITABILITY!

E.E: What industries do you think will grow in ’23?

Senya Crushers: The possibilities with our MICRO Crushers are endless. Designed primarily with the small to mid-sized contractor in mind, there are so many other directions these crushers can take to truly revolutionize a business in the best way, more $$$! Above and beyond the primary purpose of our machinery, the decorative gravel business has exploded as the home renovation business grew tremendously during COVID. As the most recycled material in the world, the concrete recycle business is through the roof as demo disposal and aggregate purchase costs skyrocket given fuel costs of the day. The advantages of using “green” recycled material in the bid process are huge as well, especially in municipalities and local government jobs. Major “crush on site” services can’t justify transporting their bigger equipment on site for less than a 5K ton job, our MICRO Crushers can be highly profitable at a fraction of that volume on the “crumbs” they leave behind. We’ve even had granite counter top guys use our machines to process and resell their scrap which makes gorgeous decorative gravel selling at a premium. We even had a guy producing this black onyx type material that was getting $150 per ton! The cost to gravel a road pays for the cost of our machine at about 3 miles of road, we’ve got ranchers and farmers that use our machines to keep their roads in good shape at significant savings. There’s just so much money to be made or saved with our MICRO Crusher lineup, and their value grows greater and greater every day.

E.E: What products/solutions do you provide for these industries?

Senya Crushers: Our MICRO Crusher/Plant offering allows the smaller end users to not only be able to afford machinery they could only dream of in the past, they can make tremendous profits and truly revolutionize a company with minimal initial investment.

E.E: How will you adapt your products/solution for the future?

Senya Crushers: As we own our manufacturing facilities, our capabilities to continue our innovation are limitless. As we get the feedback from our customer base, we will continue to grow our offering of material processing with the portability feature allowing for onsite processing. The recycle industry in general has many sub categories to work into such as topsoil and timber processing, trash recycling, and on an on. We have big plans to be in a major expansion mode with our MICRO concept for many years to come!

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year?

Senya Crushers: Despite the uncertainties of the day, especially in an election year, our customers largest challenge is still getting enough workers. Their business is doing well, and we sold as much the last two months as we did all of ’21. We thoroughly expect both to continue through the rest of the year, despite the concerns of recession and economic challenges we are currently facing.

Check us out at, 919-323-4830, and let us show you how to make a lot of money in the crushing business. It can truly change your life and I joke, “You’ll never look at a pile of rocks the same way again! I never knew a pile of rocks could be so beautiful, especially coming out of our screen plant.” 

It’s really true, because those rocks are a pile of gold!