Compressed air is used intensely in all areas of industry and trade. The possible applications are manifold and comprehensive. Reliability means availability. Compressed air is just as important for production as electricity, water and gas. Operation stops when the compressed air fails. Reliable, powerful, future-oriented and precisely matched to your individual requirements – this is what the perfect compressed air solution looks like.

EPUTEC Drucklufttechnik GmbH offers professional compressed air solutions for cooling, cleaning, drying, blowing off, suctioning, spraying, atomizing, sealing/testing and ionizing/discharging. In addition, EPUTEC is your competent partner for modern compressor technology and compressed air driven industrial tools. For your production, they supply and assemble retrofittable safety guards for drilling, turning and milling machines and industrial lights from leading manufacturers.

Since 2003, Eputec’s innovative, mostly maintenance-free, easy-to-install and versatile products have been supporting a large customer base in a variety of industries.

Together with you they ensure:

  • Compressed air optimization
  • Process improvement
  • Optimal use of resources
  • Maximum safety at the workplace

Easy Engineering: What are the most successful products in your line-up?


For blowing off and drying, cooling down, suctioning, conveying, spraying, cleaning, statical elimination, sealing and testing.

E.E: Tell us about the team in your company and how important is the human factor?

EPUTEC: We are a small and international team of 20 people in total, working in a family business.

Some of our colleagues have been working here for a long time and that is also one of the most important aspects for us. They have been dealing with countless different applications involving our compressed air products. They also have a high experience in knowledge transfer within the team and towards our customers.

E.E: What can you tell us about products distribution?

EPUTEC: We work near Munich and do direct sales there, but we also distribute through our dealers and partners. And we also have direct sales in Switzerland. We sell directly to our customers, but also via online stores and on various online marketplaces.

E.E: What’s the client feedback for the best-selling products?

EPUTEC: Good quality and best support service (including after-sales) characterize EPUTEC. Furthermore, the offer to borrow test equipment for a trial run is very helpful for the customers and their end users. In addition, EPUTEC advises and supports customers directly on site in their production.

E.E: How does this feedback impact development of new products?

EPUTEC: Through the direct conversation with our customers, there is a regular exchange and thus always new ideas regarding the products and the optimization of the production process. This is one of the most important points to gain new experiences, information and recommendations for new and specific products. And this is also another bullet point in our technical support: making custom products for specific applications. 

E.E: Tell us about the research and development in your company?

EPUTEC: We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers. In this way, we constantly gain impressions and information about our customers’ needs. We regularly expand our product portfolio and thus always stay up to date with new product and market trends.

E.E: What is your company philosophy and what drives your company forward?

EPUTEC: We are always finding the best technical solution for our customers and we stay in personal contact with our customers from the first inquiry until the first launching of the technical implementation and even beyond.

E.E: What guarantees success in your area of activity?

EPUTEC: The workforce, flexibility, fast technical support, accessibility, as well as insights on the various applications and production processes, standard solutions as well as special applications. And above all: We offer solutions regarding one of the most important forms of energy in the industrial sector – compressed air.

E.E: Give us some details about the after-sales service & customer support.

EPUTEC: Our after-sales service includes supplying spare parts, providing information about new products, providing support as well as technical optimization for the applications collecting feedback from customers, as well as surveying customer satisfaction.


Haidenbucherstraße 1

86916 Kaufering


Tel.: +49 81 91 / 91 51 19-0

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