BEHIND THE MACHINE. WHAT’S BEHIND KITOV.AI’S BEST-SELLING PRODUCTS? is a team of smart visual inspection pioneers that develop a fully automated system for a broad range of production lines and markets.’s systems help manufacturers reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency as they endorse digital transformation in the Industry 4.0 world.

Founded in 2014 by CTO and Founder Dr. Yossi Rubner, the Israel-based company’s mission is to develop systems that can be intuitively trained by a non-expert to inspect almost any product and to effectively replace humans at the tedious task of finding and judging defects across production lines. 

Easy Engineering: What are the most successful products in your line-up?’s initial product offering and the first smart visual inspection product in the market – was launched in mid-2016 and has been successfully deployed by Tier 1 customers in Europe, China, Malaysia, USA, Mexico, Japan, and Israel. In 2018, Kitov-CorePlus received a platinum-level award for innovation by Vision Systems Design Magazine in recognition of its breakthrough technology. At the heart of the technology is the patented AI-based Planner Software which allows easy programming of inspection plans via built in wizards which take care of all planning for camera position, illumination, and robotic path.  No programming or automation experience required!

E.E: Tell us about the team in your company and how important is the human factor? 70% of employees are software engineers or in R&D. As an innovative technology startup, we focus on the continuous development of our technology and our people are key to that progression and success.

E.E: What can you tell us about products distribution? sells inspection systems through a network of technical channel partners and hardware solution providers where they can apply their expertise to each unique customer application. This allows to focus on our software development to provide leading edge solutions well into the future.

E.E: What’s the client feedback for the best-selling products? The visual inspection system is truly unique from anything else in the factory automation marketplace and the customers utilizing our systems often cite that was the only successful solution after many failed conventional machine vision systems or cumbersome human inspection options.

E.E: How does this feedback impact development of new products? highly values the feedback from our customers and partners and is what drives us in our ongoing R&D efforts. 

E.E: Tell us about the research and development in your company. AI machine vision software is at the heart of our R&D efforts. Our people come with decades of experience in the machine vision, robotic and AI industries and apply that experience to the emerging world of AI-based machine visual inspection in order to make comprehensive defect detection possible for any manufacturing organization.  The Cost of Poor Quality is our common enemy and we are helping companies produce better products in a more efficient manner.

E.E: What is your company philosophy and what drives your company forward? Driven by a passion for technology and quality, developed an innovative, powerful, and universal solution that leverages cutting-edge computer vision and artificial intelligence capabilities, including deep learning, advanced robotics, and big data analytics.

E.E: What guarantees success in your area of activity? Our biggest challenge is getting our unique vision inspection technology in front the right people in manufacturing as they don’t know that such a system exists in the marketplace today.  Too many times they have been burned by false promises and months-long implementation cycles for conventional machine vision inspection. Once they give technology a try, they are extremely satisfied with the implementation and test results.

E.E: Give us some details about the after-sales service & customer support? has a fantastic team of Customer Success personnel and application engineers to provide training and ongoing technical support along with a partner network with very high technical ability which serves as a tremendous asset in customer support.