Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) cells could be one of the most complex technologies, however, it also offers efficiency values that cannot be disregarded, that’s why it is considered a very important alternative today.

IBC cells apply a distinguished idea. Rather than placing the contacts in front of the cell, they place them on its rear side. This allows them to achieve higher efficiency due to reduced shading on the front of the cell, while at the same time electron-hole pairs generated by the absorbed light can still be collected on the rear side of the cell.

The Belgium solar panel manufacturer Belinus is the only company offering IBC Glass-Glass panels on the market. 

“The combination of IBC ultra-black glass-glass PV modules are our top-selling niche products in Benelux countries and now we enter the German market with the same goal. We have just released M8 ultra-black night IBC 390W  which has already become one of Belinus’s highly demanded flagship products with an efficiency rate up to 21,6%, longest – 35 years of warranties on performance including all-inclusive support and services throughout this whole period such as Shipping new parts, Shipping old parts or installation per customer’s requests.” Says Francis Rome, the Chairman of the Board at Belinus.

The M8 ultra-black night IBC 390W panels comprise the state of the art N-type IBC cells with efficiencies of 25.5%! The open circuit voltage is 41,9V and the short circuit current is 11.8A. In terms of size, the panels are 1,727 x 1,039 x 30 mm and weigh 23.5 kg. They can be used at operating temperatures of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius and their operating temperature coefficient is -0.288% per degree Celsius, a very low number compare to the Perc modules. 

“The value Belinus Solar Panels brought to our portfolio is extremely important for our German customers. We can offer now IBC glass-glass PV modules made in Europe with the longest 35 year All-in-One warranty and in ultra-black colour – that is the most desirable esthetic on German rooftops. Our partnership locally is guided by top expertise and know-how that allows us to focus on customer’s needs to get the best results.“ – Viktor Rehl, Director at Rehl Energy GmbH.

Belinus – Belgian manufacturer of solar panels and energy storage batteries for home use exists since 2015. With the head office in Thor Park in Genk (Belgium), the company operates in more than 10 countries and specializes in the research, development and production of innovative, high-efficiency, ultra-black, double-glazed solar panels and high-quality energy storage batteries for the home. All solar cells and solar panels produced by Belinus are manufactured in Bloomberg Tier-1 factories with an annual capacity of 2,2GW. The guarantee for glass-glass solar modules is 35 years, and the warranties are reinsured by Lloyds in London.