In the metalworking industry, transporting oily or coated sharp-edged parts without contaminating the motor is a challenge. A standardized belt conveyor with a swiveling head drive and an oil collection pan made of stainless steel offers an efficient and clean solution.

Dirt and oil are not only annoying in production, but also dangerous. Metalworking plants that transport oily or cooling emulsion-coated sharp-edged parts therefore require conveyor lines that enable clean production processes. Montech AG’s standardized TB30 belt conveyor features an attractive design, great stability and flexibility, so it is made for this. 

Clean and energy-efficient processes 

This Swiss company specializes in the industrialization and standardization of state-of-the-art, unusual belt conveyors, transfer systems, and innovative aluminum framing systems. Its TB30 belt conveyor offers a drive version with a swiveling head drive. Because it is located above the belt conveyor, it does not come into contact with oil or cooling emulsion, so it avoids contaminating the motor. It also saves space. The swiveling head drive can be positioned at will from 0 to 270 degrees to meet the desired requirements. The brushless DC motor is suitable for variable speeds. It has a high protection class and an efficiency-optimized drive, and it is controlled manually or digitally by I/Os via an external controller. Depending on the required degree of protection, the external controller can be placed directly on the belt conveyor or housed in a control cabinet.

Stainless steel oil collection pan

Another advantage is the stainless steel oil collection pan, which is integrated into the floor stand if necessary and installed directly below the TB30 belt conveyor. It also protects the work area from contamination. On request, rollers on the floor stand make the entire conveyor unit mobile and easily accessible. This means that the whole conveyor unit can be rolled away easily from the processing machine if needed – for maintenance work, for example. And as a universal unit, it can be used on several or different machines if you wish.