With over 15 years of experience in flexo printing, BEMA BV has built a reputation for delivering exceptional packaging solutions. Early on, the company recognized the superior quality and brightness of Resino’s printing ink, which met their stringent standards. This partnership laid the foundation for an efficient and effective production process. As the volume of orders grew over the years, BEMA BV found that Resino’s fast delivery and high-quality inks not only allowed them to meet their customers’ needs but also led them to an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient printing process.

The journey towards LED Curing Systems

BEMA BV was not content with their achievements and sought continuous improvements in their production efficiency and product quality. The printing department, operating 24/7, played acritical role in the production of printed casings. Through careful monitoring, they identified a bottleneck in their UV-curing systems, which limited their production capacity. To address this issue, BEMA BV made the decision to invest in a new curing system. At the time of this decision, the company faced additional challenges, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Ukrainian war. These factors led to increased energy prices, making it essential for BEMA BV to explore alternative options for reducing their energy consumption and overall production costs. In their pursuit of a more sustainable solution, they became aware of Resino’s ongoing development of an LED curing system paired with LED inks for printing on sausage casings and food packaging.

Recognizing the potential benefits of this innovative system, BEMA BV and Resino collaborated on a series of tests in BEMA BV’s production facility. The results were promising, and the LED system with LED inks proved to be just the right solution for their needs. This breakthrough not only significantly reduced their energy consumption but also enhanced production speeds. Furthermore, the adoption of the LED curing system aligned perfectly with BEMA BV’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Tom De Booij, Change Manager at BEMA BV describes the successful outcomes: “Due to the curing of the LED inks with LED lamps our energy consumption has decreased by over 40% on this machine, our production speeds have doubled, and the quality and colors of our prints have significantly improved due to better ink curing”.

BEMA BV is currently running with 1 LED system in their printing facility and has been working with LED inks for over 3 months. For that reason, BEMA BV recently made the decision to implement the LED system on their other printing machines as well, enabling them to work exclusively with LED inks and further enhance their production efficiency.

“One of our long-term goals is that our production facility is production for 100% on self-generated energy. By reducing the energy consumption of our printing machine with 40%, this contributes a lot!” Tom de Booij, Change Manager at BEMA BV

Ensuring food safety and consistent quality for customers

For Bema BV’s customers, a consistent product quality and food safety were the most important things, assuring that their products were food-safe and had no negative side effects in their production processes. The LED system underwent rigorous internal testing with LED inks before production runs for customers and clients.

New migration tests were conducted to ensure that the LED inks, in combination with casings were food safe. Once BEMA BV was completely satisfied with the results of the LED inks, they informed their main customers about the implementation of the new LED systems in their printing facility. Customers responded positively to the fact that Bema could now deliver the same high-quality product in a more environmentally friendly manner which frames Resino’s objective.

“Our aim is to help more printers to switch to UV LED – thereby heading towards a more sustainable environment and a healthier work environment” Kristian Karlsen, R&D Director at Resino Inks.

The power of partnerships

The collaboration between BEMA BV and Resino exemplifies the power of partnerships in driving innovation and positive change within the packaging industry. By combining their expertise and leveraging the latest technological advancements, they have optimized BEMA BV’s production process, ensuring the delivery of top-notch flexible packaging solutions. This success story serves as an inspiration for other companies in the industry, demonstrating the benefits of embracing sustainable practices and exploring collaborative opportunities.

“We are truly impressed by BEMA BV’s commitment to innovation and their willingness to embrace new possibilities. They have consistently demonstrated an open-mindedness that has facilitated the progress of our collaboration and sparked swift action. While every start can be challenging, BEMA BV has remained optimistic and collaborative, paving the way for a successful partnership” Nico Gebauer, Sales manager of Resino Inks.

As a result, BEMA is now the first company in Europe who are printing artificial casings with an LED system. As the packaging landscape continues to evolve, BEMA BV and Resino are well positioned to lead the way in developing sustainable solutions that meet the demands of an increasingly eco-conscious world. Their partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation, environmental responsibility, and collaboration in shaping the future of flexible packaging for the food industry and beyond.

“Throughout this journey, Resino Inks has consistently proven to be a valued partner, delivering high-quality inks that meet BEMA BV’s exacting standards” Tom De Booij, Change manager of BEMA BV.

The development of the LED ink has opened new possibilities for both companies, enabling BEMA BV to invest in a cutting-edge curing system. This decision has not only improved their operational efficiency but also contributed to a greener and more sustainable future.