On Friday, May 19th, Best Tools launched the KOHLER series of KD Series KD Series engines and generators, with powers ranging from 800-4200 kVA, in an event organized at Stejarii Country Club in Bucharest. During the event, there were new engine presentations as well as detailed descriptions of the KOHLER KD series engine generators. The presentations were made by the two representatives of KOHLER-SDMO, Yann TANGUY – Area Sales Manager and Denis CALVES – Project Sales Manager. The presentations were followed by an outdoor demonstration of the KD1100 – 1100kVA model with the soundproof case and then by a cocktail where the guests had the opportunity to take part in a Golf Pro tournament. Winners of the tournament have received models with the new range of generators, golf clubs and customized golf balls.

The new KD engine series, which is part of KOHLER-SDMO generating sets that provide power ranging from 800 kVA to 4,200 kVA, has been developed by KOHLER-SDMO and LIEBHERR during 6 years of which the three years of testing have been added together more than 50,000 hours of running on test benches. In the KD series, two engine models, K135 (for power range 800-1800kVA) and K175 (for> 2000kVA), were designed to deliver extreme durability, low fuel consumption, compact size and can be used in a variety of applications.

Users of the new KD series will find essential cost savings in terms of higher fuel efficiency, extended service ranges and space saving. New generators are designed to meet global emissions rules and can be customized to meet specific user requirements. Multiple options are available to ensure optimum performance for the most demanding operations.

The generators are designed for varying ambient temperatures. Thanks to the advanced technologies and control systems, as well as the monitoring of each component, the KD series offers very high power quality and the fastest response according to the most rigorous standards.

KD SERIES generators are designed from high quality, durable materials for use in the most demanding environments. KOHLER-SDMO does not compromise when it comes to the quality of its products and their compliance with existing standards. Moreover, the KD SERIES generators’ safety and utilization levels exceed current requirements.

Best Tools, the sole importer for KOHLER-SDMO in Romania, was established in 2006, starting its activity by distributing cleaning equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaners, floor washing machines and sweeping machines. Over time, the range of equipment has been diversified, developing four separate divisions. The first division is now engaged in the sale of cleaning equipment and sanitation equipment, the second of generating sets and UPS, the third is the representation and distribution of construction equipment, while the latter is dedicated to renting generators.

Best Tools covers several market segments such as industry, portable equipment, rental equipment, or special projects. Over time, the company successfully developed several distribution channels for the entire range of equipment in the KOHLER-SDMO portfolio.

With over 100 years of experience as a global specialist in generators, the partnership between KOHLER and SDMO has entered a new era with the launch of the new models of the KD Series, equipped with its own KOHLER engines.