Betterguards is a next-generation sports technology company changing the game through injury prevention and recovery innovation. The BetterGuard ankle brace with its patented mini-piston technology is the key to their success. This breakthrough in injury prevention device adaptively stabilizes the ankle in the event of sudden inversion and or supination, providing the protection of a traditional, rigid brace, without sacrificing freedom of movement. The company works closely with top athletes, trainers, and sports medicine scientists to continuously improve products, and they’re proud to have a track record of success in injury prevention. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

Betterguards: We’re proud to have seen significant success and adoption of The BetterGuard in Germany and across Europe. Top athletes, professional teams, and sports medicine professionals worldwide have embraced the technology. With The BetterGuard, we can significantly reduce the risk of injury while benefiting from a full range of motion, which we believe enables peak athletic performance. Additionally, many athletes report being able to return to play faster after ankle injury using The BetterGuard. 

We’re now focused on expanding our reach to the U.S. market and bringing The BetterGuard adaptive ankle protection to millions of athletes worldwide. Our vision is to make sports safer for every athlete so all of us can perform at our highest level. We’re excited to introduce The Betterguard to the U.S. as we continue expanding our reach around the globe, helping athletes of all levels stay healthy and achieve their full potential. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products? 

Betterguards: We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new, all-black BetterGuard ankle brace. This sleek new look uses the same patented, adaptive ankle stabilization as our classic gray brace, but with a cool new design. 

At Betterguards, we’re always working on new products and innovations to help athletes prevent injuries and recover faster. In addition to releasing The BetterGuard in black, we’ve also improved the materials and construction of the black and gray braces to make them even more durable and long-lasting. Moving forward, we’re continuing our commitment to invest in scientific research, testing and validation, and new development while putting athletes at the forefront of innovation. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products? 

Betterguards: Our flagship product is The BetterGuard ankle brace with its patented mini-piston technology. 

The mini piston at the core of The BetterGuard ankle brace is the secret ingredient that delivers intelligent ankle stabilization, preventing many of the most common ankle injuries without restricting freedom of movement. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active? 

Betterguards: The injury prevention market is a fast-growing and dynamic global space, and Betterguards is at the forefront of this innovation. We believe the trend of adaptive technology will continue to grow as we work with athletes, trainers, coaches, and others to extend the reach of The BetterGuard worldwide. As a company, we’ve seen tremendous success and adoption of our products in Europe and the U.S. amongst elite athletes. With our U.S. launch, we’re excited to bring our technology to the U.S. market and athletes of all levels. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends? 

Betterguards: There are several trends that we’re seeing in the market currently. One major trend is the increasing demand for injury prevention products and sports technology. As athletes, teams, trainers, and sports medicine professionals recognize the importance of preventing injuries, we’re responding with more proactive measures to keep athletes healthy and on the field. We’re also seeing a movement towards adaptive technology, where products like The BetterGuard can intelligently adjust and respond to the unique needs of each athlete. 

We’re also seeing an increasing focus on the importance of scientific testing, validation, data, and analytics in sports science and technology. Our lab in Berlin is one of the few state-of-the-art testing and validation labs in the world, making Betterguards uniquely positioned to leverage these data-driven technology and product innovations. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed? 

Betterguards: What sets The BetterGuard apart from other ankle braces is its adaptive technology. Injuries happen fast and when we might least expect, making sports injuries difficult to avoid. When our ankle starts to turn or roll, our body has very little time to react. The BetterGuard reacts to ankle inversion and or supination 3x faster than our own bodies with the ability to stabilize the joint, giving our bodies time to fully react. The mini piston is a simple, but powerful innovation with its ability to prevent injuries from happening, without restricting athletic movements like a traditional ankle brace. The BetterGuard provides all the freedom of movement athletes need to perform at their highest level with ultra-fast protection when you need it most. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023 

Betterguards: We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in 2023, including our upcoming launch in the U.S. and of The BetterGuard in black. Our expansion will significantly expand the reach of The BetterGuard and help more athletes perform at their best while staying healthy. While we can’t share details on our product pipeline just yet, we have a lot of exciting innovations in development that we believe will continue to push the boundaries of injury prevention technology, and we look forward to sharing more details with you in the future.