Big Ass Battery is a Dutch manufacturer of smart, safe a sustainable energy storage system. The company serves a strongly growing demand for energy flexibility and is led by an excellent management team that has established a profitable business in a relatively short period of time. 

Big Ass Battery’s objective is to accelerate the energy transition by providing smart energy storage that can be deployed (locally) to match electricity supply and demand. Big Ass Battery focuses on the following industries: construction/infrastructure, industry and solar and wind farms, PV and traders.   

How did they achieve this? The company’s approach starts with the use of modern, high-performance LFP battery cells, from there they build on to a compact and infinitely scalable 10-foot container. Big Ass Battery’s smart energy storage systems are fireproof and have a long service life with no loss of performance. In addition to compactness, scalability, safety, and durability being essential, there is another benefit they offer. Namely, full 100% utilization of battery capacity, allowing customers to take full advantage of the energy they have stored.

Easy Emgineering: What are the main activities of the company?

Big Ass Battery: Our energy storage systems provide you with various applications where there will be no emissions, fuel costs and noise pollution. We offer a sustainable alternative. To know by our most common applications such as energy storage, fast charging, grid augmentation, peak shaving, on- and off-grid and emergency power supply. 

Big Ass Battery by using advanced hardware and our most intelligent software is the fast mover within the industry. By striving to be the smartest, we combine high-quality hardware with our innovative software solutions. 

E.E: What’s the news on new products?

Big Ass Battery:

  • More and more capacity available
  • Battery getting smarter through our software
  • Importance part energy transition

E.E: What are the product ranges?

Big Ass Battery: Big Ass battery has launched the following three product ranges.

  • The box
  • The container
  • The fast charger

Our energy storage systems have a 10-year or a 10,000-cycle warranty on the battery packs.

Our energy system can be managed at different levels. In the event of an unexpected power failure, the Big Ass Battery ensures that power is supplied without any interruption, ensuring continuity. Once grid power is restored, the Big Ass Battery automatically synchronizes from island mode back to peak port mode. 

Moreover, our Big Ass Battery also operates completely off-grid. You also have the option to connect the battery a generator to recharge the battery if needed. In this process, the charging or starting time of the battery is precisely scheduled down to the minute. 

Peak shaving is about efficiently providing additional power during grid amplification. By placing a battery between the main connection and the consumer, it provides additional power. The battery provides extra power without going through inverters first, making it very efficient.

An important aspect is smart energy management using smart algorithms. By charging discharge based on expected solar energy and variable energy rates, the battery itself detects when excess energy is fed back to the grid. Before delivering the remaining capacity back to the grid, the battery first charges itself so that the “normally” exported energy can be used first. The battery also calculates the maximum percentage at which it can be recharged, considering the space required for the expected solar energy. The battery can determine when to charge based on variable energy rates. It can start charging when rates are low and export energy when rates are high. By maximizing the use of each kWh, the Big Ass Battery can contribute to more efficient energy use. 

The Big Ass Battery is remotely controllable and provides real-time data insight through the online customer portal. Customers can easily connect to the system through your own user account and get real-time visibility into their assets. The customer portal also provides the ability to assign permissions and access to different people, determine who can see and configure in the system and push software updates. Customers receive notifications via email or text message when the system is moved, even after the location of the system along with specified movement radius.

E.E: What stage is the market you currently operate in?

Big Ass Battery: Since our founding in 2021, we have established a strong position in the energy storage solutions market. As a scale-up organization, we are at the beginning of the introductory and growth phase and the coming period will see huge changes. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Big Ass Battery: Companies have rising energy bills in the past year, where it has consequences to close the business. It requires a solution that will make it profitable and maintain it, so that the doors of the companies remain open. Organization wants to invest sustainably and do everything possible so that they do not close, here the trend regarding the creation of smart batteries in combination with software plays a role. We create the smartest batteries in combination with software, eventually the idea is that no further control is needed, but the battery adapts itself.

Reducing CO2 emissions and CO2 free construction combined with the nitrogen law, is critical to improving battery technology. In addition, fast charging is currently an emerging trend in the market and its demand is increasing. The challenge here is that there is often a shortage of available power. Moreover, the war between Russia and Ukraine plays a role, as it affects market conditions. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products introduced to the market?

Big Ass Battery: Software combination with the battery is the most innovative product, and it is also cost-saving. By using our hardware and software, we make the smartest batteries and are also fast movers. In addition, our batteries are also recycling bar and disassembleable, so that after the service life, the batteries can be recycled. 

E.E: What estimates do you have for 2023?

Big Ass Battery:

  • Even more sustainability
  • Use of home batteries by individuals 
  • CO2 neutral improvement 
  • Huge growth of the market