Bimed started its activities in 1978 with the production of metal syringes based in Turkey. With the contribution of the developing technology in the on-going years, it has expanded its product range along with its market and service areas. Today, Bimed is a global company that produces metal-plastic cable fasteners and pressure balancing elements aimed at white goods, automotive, automation industry, building technologies, renewable energy, lighting, electronic and explosive environments and that exports 85% of its production to 48 countries. It consists of a total production area of 25 thousand square meters with offices based in North America, Germany and Egypt as well as 3,000 square meters is located in the Oarja, Argeș County in Romania which is one hour away from Bucharest.

Bimed, which dominates 30% of the Turkish market especially in the production and sale of cable glands, has many achievements in the international arena. Whilst Germany controls 25% of its market, it ranks the 3rd largest manufacturer in Europe for the production and sale of cable glands and pressure balancing elements provided to the automation, building technologies, renewable energy, lighting sectors, food and beverage industry, marine and shipbuilding, mining and oil and gas industry.

Why Romania?

Depending on the technical success of Romanians in the automotive sector and Romania’s opportunity of producing within the European Union, it has been a causal factor in terms of preference of Romania as the second production location.

In another respect, Bimed has been showing a continuous upward growth momentum over the past 7 years. In direct proportion to turnover growth, production capacity is also increasing. In this context; Bimed Romania ensures production and location optimization by preventing the physical contraction that may occur in Turkey.

Thanks to the Romanian production facility, Bimed offers direct sales to their customers within the European Union with their boutique products specific to customer demands, and fast delivery service directly through Romania to customers in Germany. On the other hand, they provide a duty-free logistics service by ensuring VAT advantage.

Employee Capacity & Production

Bimed has formed all of the workforce employment from Romanian citizens by benefiting from Romania’s engineering and cultural infrastructure as well as from the knowledge accumulation of specialists in their field. They have a team of 45 people, 3 injection and 5 CNC benches. Besides, there are mounting stations and laser branding.

The company provides fast and high-quality solutions to customers with EV Solutions products that ensure ventilation and protection for batteries used in electric vehicles, especially in the automotive sector markets. They produce hygienic glands for industries where human health and hygiene are important, such as clean room systems, medical, pharmaceutical and medical devices, eating and drinking, as well as pressure balancing elements and ventilation safety devices (VSD) for enclosures used in sectors where environmental conditions vary such as renewable energy, lighting and building technologies. By developing customer-oriented production solutions, thgey are performing boutique studies for the demands of their customers.

Bimed Romania produced a total of 10 million parts in 2020, including 9 million injections and 1 million CNC.

Documents & Certificates

Bimed’s certification process, developed with its mission to sell products to every region, every geography, continues on the Romanian side, as well. QAR and QAN quality management system approvals required for the production of products suitable for explosive environments have been received. InMetro audit was carried out for the Brazilian region. ATEX, IECEX, UL, VDE, NSF certified products can be produced.

Bimed is able to obtain certificates depending on customer requests. They are in discussions with automotive industry manufacturers in Romania; in addition to that, they are on their way to establishing strategic collaborations that will provide solution production by supporting projects for existing problems with their R&D centre in Turkey. In this context, Bimed has obtained ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (LOC) quality management system certificates.

4.0 Industry and Production

The company is collaborating with SAP, the best company in the sector, with regard to ERP point in Romania. All business plans and orders are entered into the SAP system and this system works integrated with the ProManage instant display system that they use in all their production facilities. With ProManage, they provide instant monitoring and reporting; thus, they are able to follow production work orders, product tracking already manufactured and to be manufactured as well as the efficiencies of all machines on daily, monthly and annual basis. In addition, Bimed also carries out quality control activities using the Promanage Quality Module.

Using systems and networks such as system integration, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Objects, they create Big Data and form reports that they can get insight into. In this way, the company continuously improves and ensures that their production sustainable products are of high quality.

Objectives and Investment Plans

After achieving the target, Bimed has set for their Romanian manufacturing plant, they have available physical space to grow further; in addition to that, in the current situation, they have a licensed area where 9,000m2 can be construction and are planning to increase their closed area, which is currently 3000 m2, by 2 times to 6000 m2. Although the facility has been operating for two years, they have achieved a turnover of €3 million. In accordance with the company’s investment areas, they aim to reach a turnover of €10 million within 5 years by expanding the production areas.

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