Binar Handling AB is a Sweden-based developing and manufacturing company, which provides the global market with the world-leading lifting equipment Quick-Lift™ and NEO 30™.

The company develops and sells both standard and customized intelligent lifting solutions for handling of loads up to 600 kg. With a base in Binar’s patented products, they seek to build optimal systems which in each single case makes the working day easier for the user.

Quick-Lift™ is an electrical manipulator arm available with lifting capacity from 50kg to 300kg. It is also available a rail mounted version for overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 50kg too 600kg. The NEO 30™ is a battery-driven light weight lifting solution for up to 30kg.

Easy Engineering: What was the research behind the products/solutions design?

BINAR HANDLING AB: It all started with an idea of providing ergonomic lifting solutions meeting a growing demand from automotive companies in Sweden. This demand has continuously been growing and are still a great source for future development of our lifting solutions. The development process of both lighter lifting solutions, for example our NEO 30™, as well as our lifting solution with the heaviest lifting capacity, Quick-Lift Rail 600i was influenced by demand from industries around us.

E.E: Which are the key aspects of the process of product/solution development?

BINAR HANDLING AB: The major key aspects of the Binar’s development process are to make sure the solution meets the highest standards of ergonomics, safety, productivity, and user-friendliness. The goal is always to provide a solution that is an extension of the human arm.

User-friendliness means that anyone should be able to operate and work at a station where a Quick-Lift™ or NEO 30™ are installed. It should contribute to an easier and smoother experience for all users.

At the end, the most important thing is to deliver a great lifting solution that meets our customer’s lifting needs.

E.E: How quickly do you adapt your products/solutions to different requirements?

BINAR HANDLING AB: With more than four decades of experience, we have been working as innovators and specialists within our field to ensure a safe and unique lifting system for our customers’ ever-growing need.

We have gained extensive knowledge of what customers and industries needs within lifting solution and ergonomic. Mostly due to our responsiveness and the vast variety of our customized projects that we have provided to the market from the very beginning. This makes us adapt easily to different requirements and focus on customer needs in every project.

Also, we identify patterns through our customized project. Through patterns we later develop standardized lifting solutions to meet future lifting need of a lot of customers and their challenges. 

E.E: What are the most common requirements from clients?

BINAR HANDLING AB: Our customers are to be found within all industries and are companies producing and/or handling goods. They all have a need for quick and smooth operating solutions to their lifting problems. They also want to improve ergonomics and working environment for their employees.

Ergonomic requirements have increase in many countries worldwide and lifting solutions are a great way to make production and ever more important, more ergonomic, and safer for the operators.

E.E: How do your products/solutions solve problems that your clients may have?

BINAR HANDLING AB: Our ergonomic Control Handle converts the movement of your hand into electronic signals. You only need to move the Control Handle or the NEO 30™ up or down a few millimeters to raise or lower the goods. The Binar Handling lifting devices are literally an extension of the movement of your hand. This greatly enhance customers productivity, safety and ergonomic.

E.E: Tell us about products/solutions innovation.

BINAR HANDLING AB: NEO 30™ sets the new standard of lifting goods in a fast and easy way. This innovative product was developed to meet a growing challenge on the market, where a lighter lifting solution for lower weights was absent. We listened to the market and developed a product with the same level of quality, safety, and user-friendliness, which are characteristic of the expert knowledge of Binar Handling’s team.

With an easy and quick installation, the NEO 30™ can be installed in most common rail system. Just attaching the swivel to the trolley or an eyebolt and the NEO 30™ is set for use. No need of adding space and cost consuming media supply – the NEO 30™ is equipped with its own battery as the single energy source.

This lifting solution can handle goods up to 30kg with a safe and precise movement from the operator’s hand. Also, together with the NEO 30™ a wide variety of standardized end effectors are provided as options.

Watch a video of the NEO 30™:

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year?

BINAR HANDLING AB: The ergonomic requirements continuously increase in all countries worldwide with a growing demand for high quality lifting solutions that will meet these obligations. We see that this higher demand will continue grow forward and our goal is to stand strong in the frontline.

In addition, with the current situation of the pandemic, companies and their operators strive to work with an increased distance between each other. The intelligence of Binar Handling equipment adds the possibility to improve workstations to be operated with one instead of two operators, since the equipment provide increased muscle force to the operator handling heavier lifting object single handed.

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