Bini Clima offers a wide and advanced range of air conditioning systems developed and designed to dynamically manage the best environmental comfort conditions. Different solutions are available based on the accuracy of the desired comfort, the type of investment and the intended use (residential, commercial or industrial environments).

Interview with Alessandro Marini, Sales Manager at Bini Clima.

Easy Engineering: Can you tell us a bit about Bini Clima and what the company does?

Alessandro Marini: Bini Clima is a leading manufacturer of fan coils based in northern Italy. We’re passionate about providing high-quality and innovative climate control solutions for our customers. Our fan coils cater to a diverse range of applications, offering both concealed and exposed options. For seamless integration into a space, we offer concealed fan coils that blend discreetly into ceilings or walls. However, we also understand the importance of aesthetics in certain settings. That’s why we offer a variety of beautifully designed residential fan coils that become a visual statement in the room.

Our commitment to user experience extends beyond aesthetics. We provide a wide range of control options to suit any preference. From the simplest manual controls to the most advanced Wi-Fi-enabled units, Bini Clima ensures you have complete control over your comfort. Our core activity lies in creating technical fan coils for various applications, including ships and boats (cabinets and technical rooms), offices, hotels, large spaces, and hospitals. For healthcare environments, we have the dedicated FB series, certified VDI 6022 for hygienic installations.

E.E: What are some of Bini Clima’s key areas of focus?

A.M: We specialize in a variety of applications. Our technical fan coils cater specifically to the marine sector, while others are designed for optimal performance in offices, hotels, large spaces, and even hospitals. As I mentioned, the FB series is specifically designed for healthcare environments with stringent hygiene requirements.

E.E: Are there any exciting new products or services Bini Clima is launching in 2024?

A.M: Absolutely! We’re thrilled to introduce the FQ series this year. This innovative line of fan coils prioritizes quiet operation, generating a whisper-quiet hum of around 35 dB(A). These ultra-silent units are perfect for hotel rooms and offices where noise reduction is a top priority.

The FQ series also boasts a sleek, concealed design that seamlessly integrates into any space. But don’t be fooled by its quiet demeanour! The FQ series utilizes advanced airflow technology to ensure efficient air recirculation throughout the room, maintaining a comfortable climate without sacrificing silence. In fact, during development, we encountered a unique challenge – the units were so quiet that people couldn’t tell if they were actually operating! To address this, we incorporated a clever trick: a very fast startup sequence. This subtle but effective solution provides a quick visual cue that the unit is working its magic behind the scenes, keeping you comfortable without disrupting your peace and quiet.

E.E: Can you elaborate on the range of products and services Bini Clima offers?

A.M: We offer a comprehensive portfolio to meet diverse needs. Our F series units come in various configurations: FM (standard), FL (low height), FU (ultra-low height), and FS (slim). These units can be equipped with either AC or EC motors and can be installed vertically or horizontally. For ducted applications, we have the C series, which offers exceptional static pressure (up to 170 Pa). Similarly, the T series is ideal for high-pressure ducted applications, boasting an impressive static pressure of up to 250 Pa. We also offer KC series cassette fan coils with standard or Coanda distribution options, SP series underfloor fan coils for a discreet and space-saving solution, and HW series wall split hydronic fan coils for flexible wall-mounted installations. 

E.E: What are you observing in terms of current market trends?

A.M: The market landscape is definitely shifting back towards water-based heating and cooling systems. We’re experiencing a significant increase in demand for hydronic fan coils, reflecting a move away from direct expansion technologies. This trend aligns perfectly with Bini Clima’s long-standing expertise. We’ve been actively involved in the fan coil market since the 1970s, though our company’s roots trace back even further, with the factory and company being established in 1919! This extensive experience provides us with a deep understanding of industry trends and allows us to anticipate future needs. We leverage this knowledge to continuously innovate and develop solutions that address evolving market demands. The growing popularity of hydronic fan coils is a testament to this forward-thinking approach.

Alessandro Marini, Sales Manager at Bini Clima.

E.E: How is Bini Clima approaching innovation in the fan coil market?

A.M: While innovation in this sector can be challenging, we’re constantly striving to push boundaries. In fact, we’re currently developing a groundbreaking project that will revolutionize the fan coil industry in 2025. To maintain a competitive edge, details of this project remain confidential for now. However, beyond this secret project, the FQ series is poised to disrupt the market with its exceptional quality-to-price ratio.

E.E: With 2024 just getting underway, what’s your outlook for Bini Clima this year?

A.M: We’re very optimistic! 2024 has begun on a strong note, and Romania, in particular, presents a promising market with a growing economy and strong cultural ties to Italy. We anticipate continued success in this region.