As more companies commit to technology investments to establish smart factories and Industry 4.0, BinMaster fulfills a critical role. BinMaster provides sensors and inventory management software to measure and monitor bulk liquids and solids, usually stored in tanks, bins, and silos. 

BinMaster’s level sensor selection covers all the latest measurement technology from simple capacitance probes to high-tech 3DLevelScanners that provide an accurate volume accounting for the varied topography inside a storage vessel. The data gathered by these sensors can be sent to a cloud-based application – BinCloud — for easy access by multiple departments like operations, purchasing and even maintenance. By knowing exactly how much product is on hand, the companies avoid production delays. They can order materials and anticipate need with very accurate data. Some companies even utilize vendor managed inventory to share the data with customers who own and order their inventory outside the facility walls.

BinMaster’s secret sauce is people. Customer service here means customers get to talk to humans.

Evolving Products

BinMaster software continues to evolve. They recognize the vital function a phone can have. By viewing inventory on the cloud, managers can stay on top of operations and inventory untethered to a PC or paper reports. The company has recently expanded the number of software developers to ensure the BinCloud updates are frequent and meaningful. 

BinMaster’s sensor offerings are also growing and improving. They’ve accounted for corrosive liquids, heavy solids, and even the dusty powders. The need for bulk materials spans a wide variety of industries like manufacturing, food production, plastics, mining, agriculture, cement, pharmaceutical, chemicals and water treatment. BinMaster people look at each storage system and recommend the best solution. 

Some of the more popular systems include level sensors that measure bulk solids or liquid levels of any material bulk density, dielectric constant, or specific gravity. Level switches like the rotary paddle bin level indicator, capacitive level switch, vibrating probe, pressure switch, or tilt switch provide point-level measurements. 

BinMaster is also the home for 80 GHz radar level sensors, guided wave radar, and ultrasonic level sensors for continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring.

Market Trends and Future Opportunities

As evidenced by the growth of BinCloud accounts, BinMaster sensors and cloud software are in high demand. Besides safety benefits, companies faced with the employee shortages simply cannot afford to see their team members climbing ladders to measure inventory. It’s archaic and antithetical to the philosophies of Industry 4.0. A 40-year record inflation level may also be a factor as companies hope to upgrade their facilities now, hedging their investment, versus waiting and watching inflation shrink their future potential.