BISOL Supreme is the first and only series of solar modules in the world to offer 25 years of 100% output power guarantee. The luxurious product is available in the most progressive half-cut technology – with M6 solar cells and 9 thin-wired busbars, reaching the output powers up to 365 Wp.

The most outstanding downside of every solar module manufactured in the world at this moment is its degradation. This standard is changing drastically as BISOL Supreme™ single-handedly became the first solar product to achieve 100% output power guarantee. Using specialized equipment, top-notch components, certified materials tested to destruction in their climate chamber, and unique manufacturing processes, BISOL provides a 0% effective degradation rate. The costs of degradation are now covered by the manufacturer, not their customer.

Even the customer service of BISOL Supreme™ is on a much more advanced level. Every BISOL Supreme™ module is equipped with the individualized QR-code or its personal ID. By scanning the code, the customer can check everything from I/V curves, flash data, EL images, incorporated material, personnel engaged in manufacturing processes, and personalized certificate of quality control. To thank their customers, who install BISOL Supreme™, they developed the BISOL Supreme™ Cashback – a system for the customers to register and receive a partly return of the investment. 

The trend-setting idea is on its way to change the market. Solar products will follow this high-quality standard that for now only one of the rare truly European manufacturers BISOL Group is able to achieve.