BLAZE HARMONY (from the English harmony of fire) is a family-owned, authentically Czech company that is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with its technically timeless products. BLAZE HARMONY is a manufacturer of wood gasification boilers, combined boilers for wood and pellets and automatic pellet boilers and its products are popular among the users all over Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Netherladns, Finland, UK, Estonia, Belgium), South America and mainly the Czech Republic and Slovakia’s domestic markets. The company focuses mainly on R&D which brings a lot of innovations to their products – that reflects in the quality of the product and offers savings/comfort/long-life time of the boiler.

Interview with Jan Tihelka, Marketing Director at BLAZE HARMONY.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Jan Tihelka: HVAC segment with focus on the domestic heating. But for pellet heating we offer also industrial power outputs.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

J.T: Thanks to our focus into innovations, we keep developing our products. Our last launched type of boiler BLAZE GREEN was a huge achievement because we created an ecological boiler that has very low emission values and achieved 5 stars rating for the Italian market. We continue in developing and prepare new products for our portfolio. Last year we started a brand new manufacturing plant with the industry 4.0 – automatized line of manufacture (Automatic storage, that works with a laser cutter, automatic bending system, welding robots, automatic paint room and so on). We are attending world’s leading fairs (PF in Verona, or ISH in Frankfurt) and many smaller/local fairs more.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

J.T: Wood gasification boilers (adjustable output with equal efficiency up to 94%), for lump wood, briquettes, wood chips and sawdust:

  • BLAZE GREEN – boiler with very low emissions thanks to special jet nozzle, lambda control and electronic controller, 4 patents in one boiler (18 and 24kW)
  • BLAZE NATURAL PLUS – boiler with exhaust fan and controller with output adjustability 30-100 %, 4 patents (26 and 40kW)
  • BLAZE COMFORT – certified adjustable output 50-100% of nominal output and possible configuration of accessories (15-30kW)
  • BLAZE PRAKTIK – unique boiler with certified adjustable output from 30%-100% (allows installation without buffer tank according to norm EN303-5) (25 and 40kW)
  • BLAZE HARMONY – with voluminous inox stocking chamber, equipped with all accessories (12-33kW)

Combined biomass boilers, with a rotary burner for burning pellets and also pellets of lower quality:

  • BLAZE GREEN COMBI (18 and 24kW)
  • HYBRID BIOMASS – all advantages of gasification boiler BLAZE HARMONY are supplemented with pellet burner (12-33kW)
  • BLAZE PRAKTIK COMBI (25 and 40kW)

Automatic pellet boilers ROTARY PELL with rotary burner (rotating self-cleaning, maintenance free chamber for optimized pellet combustion):

  • ROTARY PELL COMPACT – perfect solution for smaller rooms, integrated exhaust fan, available also without integrated pellet silo (15-30kW)
  • ROTARY PELL INDUSTRIAL – covers wide range of higher outputs 300kW (30-300kW)
  • ROTARY PELL HOTAIR – hot air exchanger dedicated for rooms or buildings without heating water distribution (green house, garage, warehouse, etc.) (30-300kW)

Sets with biomass burner with rotary combustion chamber, the output range allows installation for residential buildings (family houses), public objects (schools, offices) and industry (bakeries, drying rooms/chambers, food industry).

Accessories and controllers (thermostats-boiler remote control, installation controller ecoMAX920i, sensors, etc.)

Blaze Harmony boilers meet the EN 303-5 norm as well as Ecodesign and are also conforming to European subsidy programs. In addition, our boilers use several patented features. 

Our long term experience in production and development of heating equipment is offering innovative solutions which bring savings and comfort to customers. 

E.E: We always pay attention on proper training of technical staff and users. Can you please inform me if you can control also the after sales service? I mean proper installation and boiler commissioning, warranty service and support for customers? 

J.T: Advantages of our boilers: 

  • Electronic controller for control of complete heating system (except BN PLUS)  
  • Anti-condensing valve for return water protection built-in (no need for laddomat) 
  • Low fuel consumption 
  • Possibility to use wood chips or smaller pieces of wood (cheaper than wood logs) 
  • Fast and easy operation (saving of time) 
  • Low electricity consumption 
  • Small dimensions (savings of space)  
  • Low maintenance cost (smaller and cheaper spare parts, cleaning with built-in mechanism, now need of additional controller for heating system) 
  • Long lifetime  
  • Comfort at fire ups and operation

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

J.T: Due to the energy crisis that occurred in the last couple of months, the demand for wood boilers has increased significantly. We want to spread the awareness of wood heating as it is renewable, available and economical fuel and BLAZE HARMONY products are the perfect way how to use it. The Green Deal of EU is also supporting wood as renewable fuel, but the pressure on electricity (heat pumps/solar panels) is huge and creates a strong substitute product. We still have our USP that are good arguments why wood will always be better than electricity in the end.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

J.T: Partially described in the previous question. But wood is getting demanded. Compare to gas, oil or coal, which is considered as not renewable and fossil fuel. Electricity has even bigger increase in demand, but it is much more expensive and the delivery times are also long.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

J.T: Our products, when it comes to technological solution of it and the unique design.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

J.T: To strengthen our position on the domestic market and to develop position on the other exporting markets. To create a new product that will bring more innovations, comfort and effectivity for our customers.