Blend Plants, a company specialized in concrete mobile plants production, was founded in 1992 by the union of two families: Tetoldini and Biglieri. This match hides a history of sacrifices, intelligence and a great friendship between the two partners.

The Blend experience in production and marketing of concrete began in 1983 with the importation of the first American plants in Italy, on which improvements were made.

In 2011 the expansion of Blend became international thanks to the opening of a branch in Argentina.

Today, the Blend company, located in Rodengo Saiano (BS) Italy, is a reality with 35 years of experience, with an annual production of more than 100 plants and a total of 1,500 plants produced and sold all over the world.

Blend has always produced automated mobile plants for the production of concrete: automation in the production process is fundamental, innovation is a really important feature of business and it is the result of many years of experience combined with the attention to construction aspects in order to understand the clients’ needs and design innovative solutions.

The goal of the company is to offer tools to improve the quality, efficiency and profitability of their work in order to help clients make a difference.

To do this, Blend Plants is always looking to improve its machines and design new models.

The company, in fact, recently presented a new product of the E-series range: the E015 on an off-road 4×4 vehicle designed to reach impervious construction sites; a small and compact but equally versatile plant.

The E015 is designed to operate in difficult sites thanks to its reduced dimensions: shorter wheelbase, lower machine height.

The plant is equipped with two hoppers for aggregates with a total capacity of 3.5 m3 and a 1.1 m3 silo for cement. It can be mounted on a truck, Unimog or be stationary: a real multipurpose mobile plant.

BLEND E015 can be also equipped with conveyor belt

The model made for a client from Corsica has been mounted on a Carmix 4×4 with reversible seat and variable steering range. The customer preferred to apply a discharge chute instead of the more common conveyor belt in order to fill micro-trenches covering fiber-optic cables.

Like all Blend machines, the E015 was also born to satisfy the customer’s requests and it is proposed as a multipurpose plant able to meet different needs.

Blend machines are distinguished for their adaptability and versatility of producing concrete, cold asphalt and working with recycled material.

Currently, Blend machines are distributed in over 40 countries all over the world.

Despite the general downturn in the market due to the recent worldwide events, the sectors in which Blend operate are slowly restarting, thanks also to the several infrastructure investments many countries are making.

Among the most innovative products designed by Blend the mobile A240 plant is the most revolutionary proposed in the last few years.

This high output plant has changed the production in large work sites and in the recycling process.

BLEND A240 combined with horizontal Silos

The A240, in fact, represents a truly mobile plant, easy to transport on a standard low loader truck, fast to set up and simple to operate.

Variable speed belt conveyors transfer the aggregates from the hoppers to the twin shaft intensive mixer.

Dosing of cement and additives is by weight (negative weighing, to give greater accuracy and reliability) and dosing of water, emulsion and other additives is electronically controlled by the onboard PLC. GPS and remote control systems allow you to have complete management information regarding production and stock levels at all times.

BLEND SEVENTY from E-series range and Horizontal Silos

Another Blend product which has a high market demand is the E-series range of mobile plants.

Thanks to the internal structure which stocks raw materials in separate compartments, there is no waste of material and only the necessary is mixed in small or large quantities. By changing the recipe it is possible to mix different qualities of concrete with the same load.

E-series plants are available in different dimensions and with a wide range of optional equipment, and can be coupled with Blend’s well designed range of horizontal cement silos.

Blend Plants is a company in constant growth; its desire is always to improve year after year by providing innovative solutions.

A wish for this year is to repeat a successful 2019!


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