With a proactive approach to occupational hearing protection, Sordin helps companies build healthier, safer and more productive workplaces.

Swedish hearing protector manufacturer Sordin helps companies take a proactive holistic approach to workplace hearing protection, safety and productivity. Its company philosophy is based on a holistic view on people’s human well-being and ability to perform optimally under any given operational condition.

“Even non-harmful noise can be a mental and physical stress factor – and people perform at their best when they feel good. More employees than expected would benefit from high-quality hearing protection,” says Christian Nilsson, Sordin’s Marketing Director.

There is a high awareness about the importance of hearing protection in industry, with EU criteria in place to limit the weekly exposure to noise at work. But noise isn’t limited to the workplace, and it’s difficult to assess our actual total weekly exposure.

“Companies should apply the precautionary principle to be on the safe side. Because hearing loss is permanent and once the problem is experienced, it’s too late”, Nilsson continues.

Not only does the right hearing protection safeguard the individual’s hearing, short and long term. It also increases workplace safety and productivity, as people stay alert longer to maintain focus on their tasks. 

Modern electronic hearing protectors supporting ambient sound and amplification may even enhance hearing, while safely protecting against hearing loss. Companies wishing to take it one step further still may benefit from hearing protectors with a built-in communication solution to enable advanced teamwork.

Under renowned brands such as Sordin Supreme and Sordin left/RIGHT, Sordin offers a full range of passive and electronic protectors designed specifically for professional use, including models prepared for, or complete built-in intercom solutions.

“Every workplace has its own specific conditions and unique sound environment. At Sordin, we evaluate the need in cooperation with our customers and recommend the appropriate hearing protector for each employee,” concludes Christian Nilsson.

Sordin – The world-class leader in high performance hearing protectors.

Sordin has more than 30 years’ experience developing, manufacturing and selling personal protection equipment above the neck. We offer innovative, high quality and safe products, manufactured in a rational production process. Our customers are found in a variety of different markets such as industry, construction, mining, hunting, military, police, emergency service, and forest and garden. Our products are suitable for all customers requiring high-quality passive or electronical hearing protection.

Customer Benefits – What Sordin can offer:

  • A wide range of passive and electronical hearing protectors. 
  • Short customer lead times.
  • Small annual volumes accepted. 
  • Products with documented high quality. 
  • Long experience of developing and manufacturing hearing protectors, helmets and visors. 
  • Long experience working with large global customers as well as small.

End-user benefits:

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Comfortable ear space inside the sealing ring. 
  • Modern and attractive design. 
  • Smooth adjustment for perfect fit. 
  • Guaranteed attenuation levels.

NEW Product: Sordin Sharp – Staying alert at work

New electronical premium hearing protector, Sharp™, completes Sordin’s professional range.

Sordin launches Sharp, a novel electronical hearing protector designed specifically for professional use. The new premium product comes with a full set av advanced features, such as ambient sound, Bluetooth Multipoint and extensive communications possibilities.

“Sharp is our next flagship product and the natural centerpiece in our upcoming marketing campaign targeting European professional users,” said Christian Nilsson, marketing and sales director at Sordin.

Swedish Sordin has a strong tradition in hunting and military applications with strong brands such as Supreme and left/RIGHT. With Sharp, Sordin opens new user segments with professional applications ranging from building and construction to mining and farming.

Support for Bluetooth® Multipoint allows the user to connect up to two digital units, for example one smartphone and one two-way radio. Combined with a built-in microphone, this allows work teams to easily set up their own communications solution.

Ambient sound support means the user can clearly pick up important sounds — including people talking in a normal voice – while being fully protected against harmful noise. This feature can prove lifesaving in certain environments, such as factories or distribution centers, as electric vehicles and working machinery are growing in numbers. 

“To ensure personal safety, the hearing protector must let you hear even the faint sound of an electric forklift at a distance,” Nilsson explains. 

Another example of the workplace safety thinking behind Sharp is a new navigation system. The user easily toggles between different input modes using an external keypad and activates options using voice control.

“You shift from your com radio to a playlist with the press of a button and then use your voice to pick a song – all without ever removing either your earmuffs or work gloves,” Christian Nilsson concludes.

Sordin Share – Breaking teamwork Barriers

Sordin Share is at the frontline of Swedish technology development. It’s simply the most advanced electronic hearing protector ever made. Engineering excellence paired with the most sophisticated communications technology available make Sordin Share the first choice among quality-aware professional teams across the globe.

“We developed Sordin Share to break teamwork barriers. A hearing protector providing all you need for occupational health and safety, professional wireless team communications and personal entertainment,” said Christian Nilsson, marketing and sales director at Sordin.

“Its ground-breaking capabilities are based on a mesh network solution designed specifically for secure, critical team intercom,” Christian Nilsson concludes.

Sordin Share uses Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™), a network technology that creates living connections – actively seeking to connect to other units.

DMC adapts to the behavior of each unit to ensure intercom is always maintained optimally. Establishing a network is easy, providing connectivity for up to 15 members in just a few seconds.

With Sordin Share, you can stay focused on the work at hand, even when you are surrounded by noise. It’s as if you and your team were working together in a quiet environment with no challenging obstacles around you. Everyone can hear each other clearly and you can trust your intercom to work flawlessly when you need it the most.

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