The powerful rotary hammers in the 36 volt class are getting even better: Bosch is replacing the existing models with a new cordless rotary hammer generation, the GBH 36 V-LI Plus Professional and the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional. You can choose between the model with fixed chuck (V) and the model with changeable chuck (VF). Both rotary hammers improve on their predecessors by providing more power, a longer lifetime, new convenience features, vibration damping and longer battery runtimes. They therefore set new standards in the 36 volt class.

As tests conducted by the SLG testing and certification institute show, both cordless rotary hammers not only achieve significantly better results in terms of drilling rate, they are actually faster than comparable corded tools in the three kilogram class. In drilling comparisons with a 68-millimeter core cutter in
concrete using the impact function, the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional cordless rotary hammer is on average about 35 percent faster per hole.

More efficiency: High power, long runtime and lifetime
The new 36 volt rotary hammers with their 3.2-joule hammer mechanism and robust motor offer high drilling and chiseling performance. The motor is equipped with four brushes, providing a longer lifetime than the previous two-brush motor due to reduced load on the individual brushes. It is also cooled better due to the optimized geometry of the ventilation slots. This doubles the lifetime compared to predecessor models. The rare earths now used as magnets provide a constant magnetic field, which makes the motor more powerful while also making the design more compact. This optimizes the ratio of power to size. The GBH 36 V-LI Plus Professional and GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional rotary hammers weigh only 4.5 and 4.6 kilograms respectively including powerful 4.0 Ah CoolPack battery.

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Bosch electronics for comfortable and controlled use
Both of the new rotary hammers are equipped with Electronic Rotation Control (ERC) and Electronic Precision Control (EPC). These electronic innovations from Bosch ensure more comfortable and controlled use of the tools. With Electronic Rotation Control (ERC), an integrated sensor detects sudden jamming during work – for example due to tilting in metal or a hard object in masonry – and immediately shuts down the motor in order to protect the user’s wrist. Electronic Precision Control (EPC) makes it easier to work on delicate materials precisely. If the EPC function is activated, the maximum power of the rotary hammer is limited to 70 percent with slower run-up. As a result, even soft materials such as tiles can be worked from the beginning in impact mode, enabling the professional tradesperson to save himself a step in the work process. The bit is prevented from slipping off when the user starts to drill, and precise results can be achieved quickly and easily. These tools also have efficient vibration damping. A damping element decouples the main handle from the hammer drive to reduce vibration exposure for the user by 25 percent
compared to the previous model.

Versatile for applications in tiles, stone, concrete, wood and metal
These new rotary hammers with proven lithium-ion technology are designed for a broad range of simple to complex tasks. Be it small drilling applications in tiles or masonry or more extensive serial chiseling applications – the new cordless rotary hammers master them quickly and precisely. Even when drilling with core cutters with large diameters of up to 82 millimeters to install junction boxes, the high single impact energy combined with the longer battery runtime ensures a fast drilling rate. Moreover, users can
also work on wood and metal with
straight-shank drill bits using the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional and the keyless chuck supplied with it.