In the professional high-pressure washer segment, Bosch now offers five new basic models in the “Prima” series, all of which remove stubborn dirt effortlessly and thoroughly: The GHP 5-55 Professional, the GHP 5-65 Professional, the GHP 5-65 X Professional, the GHP 5-75 Professional and the GHP 5-75 X Professional. The products differ in terms of flow rate and pressure, allowing Bosch to cover a wider application range in the entry-level segment. Whether caretaker, decorator or commercial cleaner: Everyone can choose the product that suits their needs – from occasional use to daily use.

All “Prima” high-pressure washers are ready for use immediately after purchase: Simply unpack the device, put the gun and lance together and attach the hose – and you’re ready to go. Thanks to their optimized design, the devices can be used for cleaning in a horizontal or vertical position. The horizontal position is recommended for cleaning stairs, for example, as it helps prevent the device from tipping over. The large rubber wheels are another advantage: They make it easier to maneuver the device on uneven ground. In addition, the extendable telescopic handle and compact design ensure that the devices are easy to transport and can be stored without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience, you should look for a model with an X in the name: These have an integrated hose reel, which neatly winds up the ten meter long high-pressure hose.

Powerful devices with high-quality equipment

The powerful motors of these professional high-pressure washers offer between 2,200 and 2,600 watts of power depending on the model, while the available flow rates range from 500 to 575 liters per hour. This means that even stubborn dirt can be removed thoroughly. An integrated auto-stop function automatically shuts down the motor and pump when the switch is released. This saves water and energy. The lances, nozzles and accessories are stored directly on the device. The new screw connector coupling of the high-pressure gun and cleaning lance ensures that the elements can be put together or taken apart quickly and easily. The scope of delivery includes one adjustable vario fan jet lance. The GHP 5-65 Professional, GHP 5-65 X Professional, GHP 5-75 Professional and GHP 5-75 X Professional high-pressure washers also have a rotor lance for quick and efficient cleaning of larger areas. Brass inlet and outlet pipes protect the high-pressure washers against corrosion and also contribute to the long life of the devices, such as stainless steel pistons in the pumps. The GHP 5-55 Professional, GHP 5-65 Professional and GHP 5-65 X Professional high-pressure washers have an aluminum pump, while models GHP 5-75 Professional and GHP 5-75 X Professional are equipped with a brass pump. On these two devices, the high pressure of max. 185 bar can be adjusted according to demand. The GHP 5-75 X Professional also has a pressure gauge.

With the “Prima” series, Bosch is expanding its range of powerful, professional, high-pressure washers. These tools are now available in specialist retail outlets alongside the “Optima” and “Speciality” series, as well as an extensive range of accessories.