Zemat Technology Group, renowned for introducing modern technological solutions, has been supplying advanced machines for various industrial sectors for almost 70 years. One of the company’s flagship products is the BOXMAT boxmaking series of machines, which have revolutionized the way corrugated boxes is produced. These machines enable fast and efficient short and medium runs box production without the need for dies or multiple passes on manual machines. Cutting, trimming, scoring, creasing, printing and gluing, all in one compact system.

In this article, we talk with a representative from Zemat Technology Group to learn more about these innovative machines. We will explore what customer needs prompted the company to create the BOXMAT boxmaking machines, the benefits they offer to users, and Zemat’s future plans for further developing their technologies.

Easy Engineering: What customer needs led Zemat to develop BOXMAT Boxmakers?

Customers were seeking versatile and efficient solutions for producing corrugated box packaging that would enable flexible and rapid execution of short and medium production runs. They needed machines capable of performing multiple operations in a single cycle, without the need to use dedicated dies and tools, in order to reduce production time and costs. Additionally, customers expected modern solutions that facilitate process automation and allow the equipment to be tailored to specific industrial needs, thereby increasing production efficiency and precision.

E.E: Why do customers choose BOXMAT Machines? 

Customers choose our BOXMAT box making machines due to their small foot print, versatility and advanced technology, which enables precise and efficient production of corrugated packaging in short and medium runs. The switchover time from box size to box size or from one FEFCO style to another is less than a minute, without a need for retooling and manual setup. 

Our current models, such as BOXMAT HD, BOXMAT PRO, and BOXMAT XCUT , offer the capability to perform multiple operations in a single machine, significantly reducing production time and costs. Moreover, they are valued for their compact design, ease of integration with existing production lines, and the ability to automate processes, which enhances production efficiency and flexibility. 

The cost to quality ratio is also significantly in favor of our machines. The BOXMAT boxmakers offer much more to the customer while being very competitive in terms of prices. The machines are designed and manufactured by our talented European engineering team in Poland. We control all aspects of technology and software. With over 250 BOXMAT machines installed and working worldwide the customer satisfaction is proven in the returning orders for additional machines fulfilling the expansion of box manufacturing plants. 

We are not only providing the individual box making machines, but also complete semi-automatic production systems consisting of: lift, feeder, printer, box maker with gluing, box folder and stacker. 

E.E: What technological solutions were implemented in the BOXMAT machines?

BOXMAT machines are built with the use of the highest quality components and parts. We work closely with the leading industrial suppliers to provide the best new technology solutions, like  
the Module Connect system by IGUS, which allows for quick and secure connection of machine modules, simplifying maintenance and upgrades. This system enables easy and rapid replacement of tables and feeders, minimizing production downtime. Our gluing system was developed in tandem with the German HHS, to bring the most reliable glue application system in the industry.

BOXMAT HD and BOXMAT PRO utilize the proprietary Inteligo Control System, which enable advanced monitoring and management of boxes production processes. These systems allow for real-time adjustment of production parameters, increasing the efficiency and precision of corrugated packaging production. BOXMAT machines are also integrated with ERP systems, facilitating the automation of production processes.

E.E: How have BOXMAT machines impacted customer productivity?

BOXMAT machines have significantly increased production efficiency for our customers, especially for the short and medium runs. Our customers now can fulfill small batch orders very quickly with significant profit margin, which were not available to them while using traditional manual slitter-slotters or die cutting machines.

By enabling multiple operations such as cutting, creasing, scoring, gluing and printing to be performed in a single machine, we have reduced production time. As I mentioned the big advantage of using BOXMAT box making machines is the switchover time between the runs of different sizes or different box styles. No matter if you make 10 boxes or 1000 boxes, the switchover time is always below 60 seconds or less.

 The automation of processes through Inteligo Control System has reduced the need for manual handling and supervision, lowering operational costs and reducing the number of operators and production errors.

E.E: What feedback do customers give after implementing BOXMAT machines?

We have hundreds of very satisfied customers worldwide. They emphasize that BOXMAT box making machines have significantly increased their productivity and production flexibility. They also appreciate the precision and quality of the boxes made on our machines. Some comments we receive are very specific, for example: “with this investment, we will reduce our double shifted slitting operation by at least 50% as well as making box production much more efficient. The Boxmat PRO and HD can multi-out in length, making stock sheets more manageable.”
Customers praise the ease of use and integration of our systems with their existing processes, as well as our worldwide technical support, which has been invaluable in the initial stages of operation as well in supporting long term customers’ goals.

E.E: What are Zemat Technology Group plans for the second half of 2024 in respect to BOXMAT boxmakers?

In the second half of 2024, we plan to introduce a new model, BOXMAT PRO-X, which will feature even more advanced production capabilities and allow for more complex operations. We expect that the new model will further enhance our customers’ production efficiency and strengthen our position as a leader in the corrugated boxmaking machinery market. In addition, in the 3rd quarter of 2024 we plan to launch a newly designed inline digital printer allowing much more custom production flexibility for our customers. We anticipate increased interest in our machines and box production systems and a significant rise in sales. 

E.E: Would you like to add anything in conclusion?

I would like to emphasize that Zemat Technology Group always prioritizes innovation and customer satisfaction. The technical support, customization, listening to our customers and improving our technology are the keys to our success. We are proud of our achievements and are committed to continuing our mission of delivering advanced technologies that help companies worldwide achieve their production goals. We encourage cooperation and invite you to follow our upcoming projects.


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