Briggs & Stratton is a recognized market leader in applying power to the outdoor power equipment industry. With over 112 years of engine expertise Briggs & Stratton has built up one of the most trusted and respected brands in powering both consumer and commercial equipment.

The company prides itself on delivering market driven power innovation to make lives easier. With headquarters in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA, the power solutions provider sells and services its products in over 100 countries. The European market is led from the regional head office in Switzerland, and every country in the region is managed through a Briggs & Stratton subsidiary or an independent distributor.

The company also offers its OEM customers application engineering support from its Power Application Center based in Germany.

Briggs & Stratton® Consumer Engines

Briggs & Stratton’s engine and battery solutions are constantly evolving to be more efficient to deliver better performance which leads to an improved customer experience and productivity. Innovation is core to the company strategy to be a power solution provider, with product application engineered to deliver outstanding power and performance. With this in mind, Briggs & Stratton constantly strives to develop new features and technologies to make it easier to get work done. Recent technology breakthroughs include:

InStart® Easiest Ever Starting Technology

The iS and new iSi Series engines feature Briggs & Stratton’s InStart® technology making starting easier than ever before. InStart brings together the perfect combination of petrol powered cutting performance with the ease of lithium-ion electric starting. The second generation of InStart engines is known as iSi, or InStart Integrated and features a lithium-ion battery built into the engine. The integrated battery is non-removable and simply requires a charging cable to be connected to the engine for a recharge. One full charge of the lithium-ion battery provides up to 200 starts and will last the whole mowing season*. Briggs & Stratton has recently extended the iSi Series of engines with the new 575iSi and 675iSi InStart models.

*Based on average consumer usage.

iSi InStart:

Easy Maintenance

The EXi Series offers the best in convenience and innovation. The EXi features Briggs & Stratton’s Just Check & Add™ technology which requires no oil changes*. The operator fills up the oil in the new engine, and then never changes the oil throughout the life of the engine. All the operator is required to do is simply check the oil level and top it up as needed. Briggs & Stratton takes the ease of maintenance even further with no tools required for basic engine maintenance. The high performance EXi Series engine range also includes chokeless starting, low vibrations and a lightweight design for improved maneuverability.

*Regular maintenance still required. To see complete details, refer to your Operating Manual. Briggs & Stratton standard warranty terms and conditions apply. Just Check & Add does not extend the warranty period.


Easy Storage Feature

Briggs & Stratton’s engines can also be upgraded to feature the optional Mow N’ Stow® technology making storing the mower easier than ever. With Mow N’ Stow the engines allow the user to store the mower vertically, reducing storage space by 70%*, and allowing for easier blade access for superior under deck cleaning.

*Compared to a standard lawnmower.

Mow N’ Stow:

The Ultimate Mower Package

By combining the above engine features mowing can be taken to a whole new level of easy. With the power and performance of petrol, easy push-button starting, lightweight maneuverable operation, no oil changes ever, together with easy storage, looking after your garden has never been easier. 

Briggs & Stratton’s VANGUARD® Commercial Engines

The Vanguard brand is the commercial or professional power offering from Briggs & Stratton. Vanguard is focused on providing market driven innovation to professionals who use equipment for business purposes. The power solutions are typically used in applications such as construction equipment, fire & rescue equipment, power generation, agricultural and commercial landscaping equipment. Vanguard power solutions are designed and application engineered to deliver innovative, reliable and durable products that work day-in and day-out in the most demanding work environments. Vanguard power solutions are made up of petrol engines and lithium-ion battery packs. The petrol engines range from 3.7 Gross kW up to 29.9 Gross kW and the new lithium-ion commercial battery packs from range 3.8kWh to 5kWh.

Vanguard Single Cylinder Engines: 3.7 to 10.4 Gross kW

Vanguard launched the first displacement of its new ground up designed engines in 2018 followed up with new models launched in 2019 and 2020. Today the range offers three displacements from 3.7 to 10.4 Gross kW. The engines feature game changing innovation and technology which was designed based on market feedback with the aim of reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing equipment productivity. The engines feature the patented TransportGuard™ system which is a 3-in-1 lever controlling engine ignition, throttle and fuel supply. This system ensures the fuel supply is opened and closed simultaneously with the engine ignition ultimately eliminating any potential fuel and oil dilution caused during the transportation of equipment. A recent research study we conducted in the UK rental market revealed that the majority of equipment operators failed to shut-off the fuel supply prior to transporting equipment leading to fuel and oil dilution which increases equipment TCO and environmental impact. The engines offer extended service intervals over competitive engines with 200 hour oil change intervals and 600 hour air cleaner replacement cycles which are twice as long as the industry standard. This increases equipment uptime and reduces TCO. The new Vanguard single cylinder engines are supplied with a 3 year commercial limited warranty as standard, and subject to engine registration on one can receive an additional 1 year of commercial limited warranty coverage.


3+1 Warranty for singles:

Vanguard V-Twin EFI engines: 17.2 to 29.9 Gross kW

Vanguard offers a comprehensive range of electronic fuel injected (EFI) engines designed to increase equipment productivity. These engines offer a broad range of performance benefits over comparative carburetor engines and offer a viable option to selected diesel engines. The engines offer improved chokeless starting in all temperatures*, increased useable power with improved load acceptance. Depending on the application the engines are used on, one could save up to 25% on fuel economy and selected models have electronic governing which provides altitude compensation so there is no natural loss of power with altitude gain. The 17.2 kW engine features a patented starting system which enables the EFI engine to be started with a backup rewind starter in the event of having a flat battery – this is an industry first whereby one can start an engine with an electronic fuel injected system without a battery supply.

*Down to -29°C based on proper starting procedures and fuel and oil specifications.

Electronic Fuel Injection innovation:

Vanguard Lithium-ion Commercial Battery Packs: 3.8 to 5kWh

The latest innovation from Vanguard is the new lithium-ion commercial battery packs. The first product launched was the 5kWh 48 Volt power pack which includes the battery management system (BMS) and charger. The battery packs are designed in a way so that they can be stacked to provide power from 5kWh up to 80kWh. The battery packs provide zero-emissions at point-of-use, are silent and maintenance free and are encased in a steel outer cage for added durability. They are designed in a way that provides full serviceability in that should a cell fail, the individual cell block can be replaced at a much lower cost than replacing the entire battery as per other offerings in the market. The range was recently broadened with the introduction of a new 3.8kWh battery. The battery packs are supplied with a 3 year commercial limited warranty*. 

*Applies to Vanguard 160, 200 and 400 engines only. Offer not valid in California, United States or Quebec, Canada.

Battery innovation:

Product launches

The new Vanguard 29.9 Gross kW EFI V-Twin petrol engine will be available in the market from January 2021. The Vanguard battery range will also be expanded with a new 10kWh battery pack in mid-2021. These products will offer the same features as stated above but will offer more power for larger applications.

About Briggs & Stratton, LLC

Briggs & Stratton, LLC, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is focused on providing power to get work done and make people’s lives better. Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment, and is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of commercial lithium-ion batteries, power generation, pressure washer, lawn and garden, turf care and job site products through its Briggs & Stratton®, Simplicity®, Snapper®, Ferris®, Vanguard®, Allmand®, Billy Goat®, Murray®, Branco® and Victa® brands. Briggs & Stratton products are designed, manufactured, marketed and serviced in over 100 countries on six continents. For additional information, please visit and

All power levels are stated gross kilowatts per SAE J1940 as rated by Briggs&Stratton.


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