P.W. BUD-MASZ Maciej Stachlewski focuses primarily on the production of machines for profiling metal sheets. The company produces machines for profiling steel roof tiles, trapezoidal sheets, roof flashings, sinus sheets and various types of profiles. Their range of products is as large as customers’ imaginations can be. BUD-MASZ manufactures machines for specific customer requirements. BUD-MASZ is ready to meet any requirements and their main direction of development is automation, which they try to dynamically develop in relation to their machines working for clients.

Easy Engineering: What was the research behind the products/solutions design?

BUD-MASZ: Each new machine that we produce is previously tested in terms of market demand. We have our own database of profiles that we can offer to clients – each of the profiles is previously tested by surveys, which include the opinions of people and our regular customers. We have a very extensive research & development department, which deals with creating structures, matching appropriate materials and verifying market demand.

E.E: Which are the key aspects of the process of product/solution development?

BUD-MASZ: The key aspect of the development of our products is the customer. 90% of it is the client who comes to us with a new idea, which we then verify in our R&D department and present our proposal. We are not afraid of challenges and this distinguishes us from the competition. We want to implement as many new ideas as possible, which allows for continuous development and implementation of innovative solutions.

E.E: How quickly do you adapt your products/solutions to different requirements?

BUD-MASZ: Considering that we manufacture according to customer requirements and our machines are made to order, new products are implemented very quickly. After the client presents an idea for implementation, all design forces focus on presenting the final solution. After approval, we proceed to the implementation immediately.

E.E: What are the most common requirements from clients?

BUD-MASZ: Minimization of raw material, limitation of employees to operate the machine, speed of operation. Currently, the most common ideas of clients are robotization and line automation, which we try to focus on and therefore we have development plans for the coming years.

E.E: How do your products/solutions solve problems that your clients may have?

BUD-MASZ: The main problem currently encountered in production plants is the lack of skilled workers. This causes production stoppages, which in the case of growing market demands, causes a lot of competition. Our solutions for robotization of production lines will eliminate this problem, as there will be no need to have several employees for one line, and one employee remotely operating several lines. It is a significant solution to the current market problems.

E.E: Tell us about products/solutions innovation.

BUD-MASZ: The robot arm is currently an innovation. We try to adjust the arm to our machine so that it smoothly and independently carries out commands, while being operated remotely.

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year?

BUD-MASZ: At the end of the year, we plan to implement more robotic arms in our machines and we want to complete the current productions for customers at the highest quality level. We count on the satisfaction of our customers and further development in this direction.