Beamex is a calibration technology company specializing in calibration hardware, software, and related services for the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, and power and energy industries. By providing customers with accurate measurements, reliable data, and traceability, their solutions improve efficiency, compliance, and safety, while minimizing waste and risk. 

Beamex believes there is always a better way to make a safer and less uncertain world.

Interview with Alex Maxfield, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Beamex.

Easy Engineering: How does your company build and maintain trust?

Alex Maxfield: We aim to be a trusted advisor that helps our customers achieve continuous process improvement and sustainable and safe operations by delivering a better way to calibrate. As their calibration ecosystem partner, we help them achieve accurate, trustable measurements with precision calibration technology throughout the lifecycle of our products.

E.E: Tell us about some of the most successful project/projects from around the world.

A.M: We have delivered successful projects for customers from all around the world in a wide variety of industries. You can read about some of our successes here[CB1] . For us, a successful project is one where we can act as our customer’s partner for calibration excellence, working with them every step of the way on their digital transformation journey, striving to find a better way to calibrate that will help them do business smarter and achieve sustainable growth.

E.E: What ranges of products/solutions were used in the project/projects?

A.M: Beamex supplies calibration hardware for executing calibration activities in process plants, calibration software for efficient and data-secure planning and execution of these activities, and expert services to improve processes and manage the transition from existing solutions and systems to the Beamex calibration ecosystem.

E.E: How were these products/solutions used to optimize the client’s business?

A.M: It’s important not to try and fit new solutions to existing processes as the end result will be a non-optimal compromise. Our approach is always to be a true partner for our customers, working closely with them on design and implementation so that their new calibration solutions and processes deliver maximum return on investment and supporting them with maintenance and upgrades for the entire lifecycle of their solutions.

E.E: What innovative features do the products / solutions have?

A.M: Running sustainable businesses and societies demands constant innovation, process improvement, and progress. Our award-winning Beamex MC6-T Multifunction Temperature Calibrator and Communicator is a great example of how we push the boundaries of innovation in calibration, as is Beamex LOGiCAL cloud-based Calibration Management Software. More recently we have focused on making calibration execution and management easier on the go with our Beamex bMobile application. We also launched the Beamex ePG – a portable, battery-operated pressure pump that is set to revolutionize how companies perform pressure calibration.

E.E: What were the challenges that you encountered?

A.M: Being at the leading edge of technology in your respective field can have its drawbacks. Sometimes our customers are not ready, or think that they are not ready, for the latest technology. But we exist to find a better way to calibrate, and this means always looking forward, always pushing boundaries, and always delivering on our promises. 

E.E: How did you overcome the challenges?

A.M: We strongly believe in educating our customers, potential customers, and wider society about the importance of calibration and the role it plays in creating a safer and less uncertain world. We run thought leadership events and seminars, publish blogs, whitepapers, and eBooks, and seek out strategic partnerships to support this aim.

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year?

A.M: Our forecasts are strong despite the challenges in the world around us. Last year was our most successful ever in terms of sales, and 2022 is shaping up to be another very successful year where we will gain market share and continue to help our customers experience a better way to calibrate.