ULVAC Europe is a leading supplier of vacuum systems, components, pumps and instrumentation for the semiconductor, battery, MEMs, automotive, medical, research, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. Established in Germany in 1987, ULVAC Europe is a subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc., which is made up of 39 group companies engaged in most sectors of the vacuum industry. ULVAC Europe provides sales, service and support to the customers of the EMEA countries. 

Through our global ULVAC branches, we sell advanced vacuum solutions and components, throughout various industries. This guarantees our customers a global network of vacuum experts, availability of spare parts and service supporting all major technical markets. 

The clear advantage for our international business partners is the cross sharing of technology trends and speed to develop custom vacuum solutions for future applications.

For example, if a global customer in Asia is already using an ULVAC system, it is of enormous trust if this customer, or a collaborative partner, requires expansion of the same product in another country. Synapses are often visible here, which are of great added value for the customer, as well as, for ULVAC as the manufacturer. Whether is for local service, local sales, sharing of technical support or aiding in understanding a customers application, ULVAC’s global footprint allows for immediate response and depth in vacuum technology solutions.

Local technical knowledge and support in a given territory can be coordinated by ULVAC internally, allowing the customer to benefit from ULVAC’s global database of knowledge. Japanese solutions can be shared in Europe. Advancements from the United States transferred to Taiwan or South Korea. Research and Development known by growing customers in South East Asia.

A trusting cooperation between end user and supplier is always ULVAC’s top priority, which does not end with the delivery of the product rather continues for the lifetime of the equipment. This is the only way to operate successfully internationally and win the trust and reputation of customers.


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