BUD-MASZ has been producing metal profiling machines on a global scale for over 30 years. Until this year, the company has produced over 2,000 machines that work on every continent in the world. BUD-MASZ specializes in machines for cold profiling of metal, including machines for profiling steel roof tiles, trapezoidal sheets, sine, gutter system, or simply machines for cutting metal. 

Interview with Kate Kulgawczuk, Office Manager at BUD-MASZ.

Easy Engineering: How does your company build and maintain trust? 

Kate Kulgawczuk: As a production company, we have to meet customer expectations in many fields of activity. From the presentation of highly advanced technology that meets the expectations of the final product, through the price, time and scope of the warranty, timely delivery and after-sales care. In the production of large-size embossing machines, the biggest problem of our times is the time of their implementation. Building a machine is a multi-stage, complicated procedure that requires many corrections. We undertake product profiles and concepts for an individual customer idea, hence almost each of our machines is a prototype machine. In this case, we have to take into account many corrections and tests each time, and this entails delays and to be honest, it is really hard to avoid them in this industry. Hence, we are trying to build a reliable machine – operating for a minimum of several dozen years, easy and user-friendly. So that the customer knows that although we sometimes delay the machine delivery date, he can always count on both reliable information and a really solid product for many years of work. We also make sure that the customer can always use online help at any time, or get quick help, even at a distance, in the case of older machines. Thanks to this reliability and solidity of our products, we have built our reputation and we try to maintain this trend and please our customers with professional machines, thus gaining their trust and building good relationships in the industry. 

E.E: Tell us about some of the most successful project/projects from around the world. 

K.K: One of our biggest projects at the moment was building a sandwich panel machine. We have created and commissioned this machine at our client in Poland, where it has been operating since 2020. Due to the complicated design and huge dimensions, the machine was one of the biggest challenges we faced, but despite many difficulties and cooperation, we managed to start it and successfully produce kilometers of sandwich panels. We hope and encourage our clients to start cooperation if they decide on this type of project. We love challenges, and such a machine is one of the most difficult to implement in terms of construction. 

E.E: What ranges of products/solutions were used in the project/projects? 

K.K: For the above project, we used our best knowledge of machine construction, where it was necessary to implement each of the elements used so far – from a decoiler, through a sheet profiler, to a properly configured collector with a cooling system. 

E.E: How were these products/solutions used to optimize the client’s business? 

K.K: It was not exactly the optimization of production, but the implementation of another activity in the construction industry. Our machine gave the customer the opportunity to build sandwich panels, which is one of the most desirable elements of industrial construction today. Our machine is automated at the same time, which allows the customer to employ only 2 people for simultaneous operation, and thus reduces costs. 

E.E: What were the challenges that you encountered? 

K.K: The biggest challenge for us was the implementation of the foam system PIR/PUR for the production of sandwich panels, which we had not dealt with before. Here, however, reliable co-operators quickly rushed to help and it allowed us to return a fully operational, reliable machine that is still operating today. 

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year? 

K.K: We hope for more great projects. We are open to innovation and industrial automation that is increasingly entering into force. We want to provide our customers with reliable, stable machines supporting production processes and ensuring trouble-free operation for many years.